Month: July 2018

Advanced Disassembly / Reassembly Services

Switch pane 2l

HighTech expands its Disassembly / Reassembly (D/A) services  to expedite customer deliveries.

Many of the parts HighTech Finishing receives from customers require disassembly prior to processing.  Once processed, reassembly is required before being returned to the customer.

HighTech has been performing the D/A service on parts for many years on items such as latches, hinges, gaspers and other assemblies typically found in an aircraft interior. Over the years, electrical components have become more prevalent and the process of plating these pieces was less than efficient.  Parts would have to be removed by the customer then sent to the switch manufacturer for disassembly.  The switch manufacturer would then send the bezel to us for plating.  After plating was completed, we would send the bezel back to the manufacturer who would then reassemble the switch and send back to the customer.  The resulting days  of wasted down time added an undue burden of potential delays and cost to the customer  Now, however, HighTech has expanded the D/A services to include many electrical components not previously available.

“We are always seeking ways to enhance our customer experience,” says Rick Niefield, VP sales and marketing.  “And the ability to offer D/A capability in-house on a wider range of additional parts is one of the many reasons  why we are so highly rated in customer satisfaction.”

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