The Metal Plating Process: 50 Steps to Success


Sharp curves. Glistening metal. Vibrant colors. Sleek finishes. Each guest who steps onto your luxury jet should be overwhelmed by the pristine composition of the interior elements.

To arrive at the ideal condition, your parts need to be supported by capable hands, industry-leading machinery, and a proven metal plating process that produces the highest quality products.

50 Steps to a Noticeably Beautiful Metal Plated Product

HighTech Finishing has refined a 50-step metal plating process to ensure first-class treatment and delivery of interior metal for your aircraft.

  • 13 cleaning and polishing steps
  • 17 Quality Control checkpoints (our signature Q.A. process)
  • 20 additional steps to enhance each part and material quality

We start by receiving parts. Next, we evaluate the quality of the parts through a visual inspection. After cleaning and stripping the parts, we perform several polish steps to prepare for a brilliant finish. Our team then prepares the part for metal plating.

Once the metal plating steps are complete using our high-tech machinery, we hand-paint each part to specifications. After baking or curing the paint, we assemble the parts and prepare the elements for shipment to the customer.

Throughout the process, we perform quality assurance checks. Our expert team is highly-trained to identify the slightest imperfection. We will repeat steps if necessary to ensure an outstanding product before final delivery.

Trust HighTech Finishing for Metal Plating

HighTech Finishing has led the decorative aviation plating service for more than 30 years. We will continue to lead the industry through our use of advanced technology and process improvements.

Our expertise in the metal plating process allows us to quickly turn around your order without re-work. The result for your company is the opportunity to showcase the finest luxury jet interior for your valued guests.

To our valued customers: contact us today to discuss your next metal plating project. For first-time customers, contact us today to inquire about the full capabilities of our metal plating service.

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