How to Select the Best Metal Finishing Options


One of the most important choices for creating a luxurious environment for passengers on your aircraft is the metal finish of parts. The color, texture, and finish sends a message to your guests about the experience you are creating for them.

HighTech Finishing boasts more than 130 decorative metal finishes to select from. Each option comes from one of our 10 families of metal finishes. The key is understanding how to make the right selection that fits the unique interior of your aircraft.

Weigh the Differences in Metal Finishing Colors

This is your opportunity to think big and broad about the use of color to create the optimal experience for your passengers.

  • Consider warm metal colors from the Gold, Copper, Bronze, and Brass families.
  • Compare to monochrome colors from the Silver, Chrome, Nickel, Black, White Gold, and Platinum families.

Each of these categories sends a unique message to your passengers. The color families also engage each passenger’s senses and emotions differently.

Consider the Use of Your Aircraft When Selecting Metal Finishes

Before making a selection of the best metal finish, each aircraft should be evaluated for its expected usage.

  • Shorter flights: consider a warm, bright color that engages your passengers throughout the duration of the flight.
  • Longer flights: consider a muted, soft color that eases your passengers into peaceful rest.
  • Mixed use: consider a neutral color that can awaken the senses or provide a relaxing atmosphere.

Draw from Experience or Additional Metal Finish Resources

You have considered the color options. You have evaluated the expected flight use. Now, use your own experience or resources to determine the best metal finishing for your aircraft interior.

Think about your personal aircraft experiences. What colors created the ideal atmosphere and experience? What finishes awoke your senses? Take some time to reflect on these experiences.

Alternatively, you may have seen a color in a magazine, flyer, or brochure that caught your attention. You may have even have a color sample on-hand. Fortunately, you have options to bring these colors to life in your aircraft.

Contact HighTech Finishing

In addition to offering 130+ metal finishing options, our company uses a color matching system to match colors from paint swatches, fabrics, woods, competitor samples, or any other material. The result is the ideal metal finish for the interior parts of your luxury aircraft.

Work with our capable support team to elevate the experience for your passengers. Contact us today to walk through the process of selecting the best metal finish.

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