Aircraft Interior Design is All About the Finishing Touches

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When it comes to aircraft interior design, the final product is all that matters. The process of arriving at the highest quality final product requires a finishing touch.

  • Does the part meet the customer specifications?
  • Is the part verified for quality before shipment?
  • Will the interior part be handled with care to ensure intact arrival?

HighTech Finishing proudly follows a 50-step decorative plating process to deliver beautifully-crafted aircraft interior products for customers. Consider the care we take to complete each customer order.

Match Finished Product to Customer Specifications

Each customer order is a unique entity. Therefore, we treat each order with a unique approach of performing several quality assurance checks prior to advancing the part to shipment.

  • We perform a Q.A. visual inspection following the clear coat painting of the part.
  • We perform a second Q.A. visual inspection following the baking or curing process.
  • We perform a third Q.A. visual inspection after the final assembly of the parts.

Our highly-trained craftsmen thoroughly review the customer order against the finished product to ensure each detail is considered, each curve is measured, and each color is brilliant.

Part is Verified for Quality and Substance

A visual inspection is just one of the finishing touches we pride ourselves on. Our team also ensures the integrity, durability, and substance of the part.

Parts that have been placed through our interior plating process are built to last. We will not allow a part to leave our shop unless we believe it meets our standard of product excellence for each customer.

Because of our longevity in the industry, our team can instantly recognize a substantial part from an unacceptable part. The mark of an aircraft interior design expert is their ability to make this distinction before the part ever reaches its final destination.

Proper Packaging Ensures Proper Installation

The final step in our 50-step plating process is shipping the part to the customer. While this may seem like a small step, it is arguably the most important. At least, that’s how we treat this step.

Each completed part that passes our high standard for quality is given royal treatment for shipment. Our team takes their team ensuring that each part is properly packaged, protected, and cared for.

Our goal is for the part to arrive at the customer’s location in the exact same shape and of the exact same quality as it left our facility. That means no scratches, dings, or defects will be accepted by our company.

This is the standard we have set. This is the confidence we create for customers knowing they will receive the interior parts to their desired specifications and in the ideal condition to ensure proper installation inside the aircraft.

Contact HighTech Finishing to Inquire

Aircraft interior design is of utmost importance to our company. We are proud of our process — including our commitment to taking our time with the finishing touches — to ensure completeness and thoroughness for each customer order.

To inquire about utilizing our interior plating service for your next aircraft interior parts order, contact our company today. We look forward to applying the finishing touch to your next order.

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