3 Types of Plating Options You May Not Know About

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One of the benefits of owning a luxury aircraft is the ability to command the best in luxury interior part design. Because luxury is uncompromising and unique, the path to maintain a luxurious experience for passengers is having multiple options to enhance the interior look.

Options Are the Lifeblood of Interior Plating

Options allow customers to visualize, carefully select, and implement the ideal interior parts for their aircraft. Because there are many types of plating options, customers have the ability to create a unique look that matches the desired luxurious experience for passengers. The key is understanding the options available to support your vision.

Option 1: Select an Interior Plating Color

Color and texture trends change over time. Fortunately, you do not have to settle for a “safe” or “common” look when selecting interior part finishes.

We offer more than 130 vibrant interior plating colors, creating multiple options for customers to find the ideal finish that supports their vision. Also, we constantly listen to our customers and follow the latest trends to introduce new colors to our interior plate selection.

Option 2: Custom Color Matching for Interior Finishes

As the owner of a luxury aircraft, you have earned the right to create a custom finish. We offer the option to color match colors from paint swatches, fabrics, woods, competitor samples, or any other material found in aircraft interiors.

To achieve this deliverable for customers, we follow a precise process to ensure consistent color matching for each order. We are capable of replicating the process for each part, we ensure a corrosion-resistant metal seal, and we utilize a specialty polishing treatment for delicate parts.

Option 3: Plating for Large or Uncommon Parts

Not every interior part comes in a standard size with clean dimensions. Luxury often requires specialized treatment for curved, jagged, or large parts.

Our team is fully equipped to handle special parts that require an expert touch to thoroughly coat the entire part for a clean finish. Take advantage of this option to achieve the look you desire for unique interior parts.

Contact HighTech Finishing to Capitalize on Your Plating Options

Consider working with our company to bring your interior aircraft vision to life. We will walk through your plating options, evaluate the experience you want to create for passengers, and create a custom order.

To inquire about utilizing our interior plating service for your next order, contact our company today. We look forward to helping you select the right options to elevate your luxury aircraft interior.

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