Introducing Our New Aircraft Interior Colors

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Styles change. Tastes expand. New preferences are introduced. The color selection for aircraft interior parts is not a static portrait. Rather, colors constantly need to be reviewed and updated to continue delivering a luxurious experience for passengers.

Muted grays and tans have been the safe, convenient, and expected solution for aircraft interior finishes for decades. And for good reason! Neutral colors stand the test of time and are easily matchable to the rest of the interior decor.

But designers are increasingly looking to embrace the “bolder side” of interior colors to provide more options for their clientele. We carry a similar mentality.

The Expanded Pitch Black Family Color Selection

We took feedback from customers, assessed the latest design trends, and created two new aircraft interior colors for our Pitch Black Family.

Introducing Pitch Black Stardust

One particular operator came to our company with an idea to capitalize on a design trend he had in mind. The customer wanted to stand out from the pack with a unique interior color that was different than his competition.HT310749 Pitch Black Stardust REVISED

After much research and deliberation, we suggested a new, intentionally whimsical color idea. We liked the new color so much that we permanently added it to our array of color options. We call this new color Pitch Black Stardust.

Pitch Black Stardust is a base of black with multi-color sparkles that catch the light. When applied to interior parts, the color creates a dazzling display that immediately engages passengers.

Introducing Pitch Black Soft Velvet

Pitch Black Soft Velvet

For operators desiring a less dazzling solution to capitalize on the latest design trends, we also introduced Pitch Black Soft Velvet.

This color was crafted to fill a void in the market for a dark finish that is free from reflection. It makes a bold statement in a unique, subtle way.

We are pleased to welcome this new aircraft interior color to our existing Pitch Black family that also includes the likes of Pitch Black Polished Bright, Matte Black, and Black Pearl Frosted.

Consider Our Aircraft Interior Color Solution

Utilizing information from international designers on the latest colors and textures, we proudly introduced two new colors to expand our customer’s available palette beyond grays and tans.

We believe this forward-thinking approach helps advance the industry toward embracing trends and options that may not fit the traditional mold.

To take advantage of our expanded aircraft interior color selection, contact us today. We would appreciate the opportunity to send you a sample of the new Pitch Black colors to envision the application to your aircraft interior.

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