Month: October 2019

3 Experimental Aircraft Interiors Worth Considering

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As a business jet or luxury aircraft owner, you may have an idea in your head of how you would like to change the look and feel of the aircraft interior. But, you don’t want to waste time or money experimenting with aircraft interior ideas that don’t pan out.

We’re here to help you think through some experimental aircraft interior designs to formulate the right course of action. Then, we can work together on the next level of custom color-matching aircraft interior parts to your preferred interior design.

First, let’s review the latest aircraft interior design trends that are making waves heading into 2020 that you may want to consider.

A Colorful Solution for Interior Aircraft Design

There is a new wave of designs that have been featured at aircraft interior expos all around the world. These styles provide a great jumping-off point for any design novice, and can easily be tailored to fit your own tastes or the expected tastes of your passengers.

Sunset Color Palette

Aircraft interiors can often feel cold and corporate. If you’re looking for an interior with a little more warmth, try out a “sunset” design.

Combine cream with rosy reds or pale oranges and hints of rose gold for a relaxed feeling. Light woods like birch and dark woods like cherry alike can complement this palette.

Another take on this design is the more regal route: replace the rose with a burgundy and amp up the gold fixtures for an interior fit for a king. Throw quilted seats into the mix, and you have a palace in the sky for passengers.

sunset color palette high tech finishing houston texas

Retro Color Palette

The retro design features modern fixtures with retro finishes. Start with a mod carpet design and build from there! Take a page from the ‘70s and focus on warm colors: red, yellow, orange, and brown.

Or, leave the carpet plain and have a classic stripe design painted onto the walls. Your luxury aircraft will be sure to stand out on the runway when you pop open the passenger door!

Prefer to leave the era of shag carpets and bellbottoms behind? Try a baby blue and chrome combination. You don’t have to go as far as incorporating checkerboard patterns, although checkered pillows could add a cheeky touch.


retro color palette high tech finishing houston texas

Chic Color Palette

Maybe the previous designs were too bold for your tastes. You prefer a simple, clean, modern look. Luckily for you, it’s easy to create a chic design with a monochrome palette and a pop of color.

Throw in a pattern for the walls or floor to add visual interest. Dark floors with white walls creates depth and keeps the monochromatic colors from getting too overwhelming. With modern furnishings, a simplistic design can make any interior feel chic.

Try using black upholstery with silver details on modern seating. And remember, you don’t have to use red as your pop of color: try green for a new take!


chic color palette high tech finishing houston texas


Custom Color Matching for Your Aircraft Interior Design

Here’s where HighTech Finishing comes into the picture. We can help you elevate your interior design choice by color-matching the aircraft interior parts to the new interior design. With 130+ colors to select from, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect match.

There are a bevy of color finishes to compliment any of the three design ideas listed above. For example, our Sangria Gold Frosted would perfectly compliment the warmth of the “Sunset” design, whereas for “Chic,” the Matte Black finish would heighten the modern mood.

No matter your preferred style, we can help polish off the final look of the aircraft interior. We follow a strict 50-step process to ensure that every interior metal piece in your aircraft has the perfect color and finish to the specifications.

From retro to modern, colorful to monochrome, HighTech Finishing will make sure every last detail is perfect. Contact us today to inquire about applying these experimental aircraft interior design ideas to your aircraft or luxury jet.