Introducing Our Faucet Leak Test to Ensure the Highest Quality Plating

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During our 35+ years of existence, High Tech Finishing has been committed to the highest quality and on-time delivery of our aircraft interior plating service.

We developed a 50-step quality control process and have continually refined or added to the process with the emergence of new technologies.

Now, we are proud to introduce a newly added QC step to enhance our “zero defect” process initiative: the Faucet Leak Test.

As part of our standard ISO9001 QC testing for “fit and function” on all parts, the faucet leak test mandates HighTech plated faucets undergo an additional rigorous mechanical pressure test to ensure that, once reassembled and delivered to customer, no water leakage will occur.

Our quality standards are unmatched in the industry and the faucet leak test is just one more way HighTech Finishing truly provides peace of mind for our aviation customers.

What is a Faucet Leak Test for Aircraft Interior Parts?

Many of our customers require faucets to be plated before being placed back into use inside the aircraft.

When providing this service, our process requires us to disassemble the faucet before plating the unit. Then, upon reassembly, the challenge is ensuring the faucet is sealed back properly.

Unfortunately, there was no avenue to test for leaks upon reassembly to ensure complete usability. That’s why our team went to work using the latest available technology to develop a leak tester for faucets.

We are proud to announce that we have now installed a Faucet Leak Test in our plating process. Why is this important? We can now test for leaks before shipping the faucet back to the customer. This way, our team can discover any issue with the plated faucet before the part is returned to you.

HTF Committed to Our Quality Control Process

While there were only a few occasions that a customer discovered a faucet leak, we felt that developing a faucet leak test was valuable to cut off any future occurrences of the issue.

Our company is 100 percent committed to quality control for each customer order. Now, we can quickly catch a seldom-leaking unit before it leaves our facility. This is the peace of mind we aim to provide for each plated part before it’s placed back into use in the aircraft.

To find out more about the specifics of the test and how we can serve your part plating needs, contact us today. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss our plating process for your aircraft interior parts.

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