Why Choose Decorative Electroplating For Your Aircraft?

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There are many types of electroplating processes, including commercial grade, high volume, industrial, and medical. However, only HighTech Finishing specializes in the unique field of decorative electroplating for aircraft interiors.

When selecting an interior design for your private aircraft or business jet, even the smallest detail is important. Upholstery, color scheme, even carpeting requires careful attention to align with your unique tastes. But what about details even smaller than that?

The interior parts such as fasteners, cupholders, and charge ports should also match the unique design selected for the aircraft. That’s where decorative electroplating comes into play to ensure a custom match.

At HighTech Finishing, we can add a touch of your own personal style to every metal part in the aircraft interior. With over 130 different finishes to select from, you are bound to find the perfect color match for the interior of the aircraft.

What is Decorative Electroplating?

Decorative electroplating is the process used to add a new metal finish on top of already existing metal and plastic parts.

Electroplating uses electricity to apply a thin metal coating to a metal substrate. The result? A smooth metal finish on any interior aircraft part in the exact shade of your choosing.

No wonder decorative electroplating is the most common application found in today’s electroplating market.

Why Decorative Electroplating?

Consider three primary reasons why you should choose decorative plating to enhance the quality of the interior parts used in your aircraft.

1. Increased Durability

Electroplating is very durable. The thickness of electroplating typically falls in the 0.005 to 0.010 mil range, and is usually made up of steel, aluminum, and copper and zinc alloys.

Our finishes are guaranteed to not only look good, but last long as well. If you’re jet-setting around the world, our electroplated parts will last through every takeoff, touch down, and everything in between.

Additionally, when we apply your selected finish, each piece is carefully inspected, polished, and cleaned. HighTech Finishing guarantees that our work is built to last.

2. High Quality Work

Our 50-step decorative plating process includes 17 quality assurance checks performed by our skilled staff.

No matter what color you select, each finish from HighTech Finishing is smooth, blemish-free, and has a consistent thickness.

3. Elevate Your Style

Style is all about the details, and chrome plating is a great way to add a sophisticated touch to any aircraft interior.

With the HighTech Finishing electroplating process, you can elevate your aircraft’s interior design by giving the metal in your interior a complementary finish — delivered consistently each time.

Schedule Decorative Plating Service

Whether you desire our luxurious HT101 – 24K Polished Gold or a modern HT904 – Platinum Pearllite finish to match your aircraft’s style, HighTech Finishing is well-equipped to perform the decorative electroplating process for your aircraft interior parts.

With over 30 years of experience in the electroplating industry, HighTech Finishing blends art and science to bring you the most dazzling and durable finishes for your aircraft project.

We encourage you to review our decorative plating process and contact us to discuss how we can custom match the parts to your aircraft interior style. We are confident that you will be thrilled with the finished product.

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