Month: February 2020

Consider Custom Matching For Beautifully Plated Parts

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If you consider your private plane, business jet, or aircraft fleet as an investment, you want to do everything in your power to maximize the return on your investment.

One way to increase the value of your assets is to custom match plated interior parts to other design elements of the aircraft interior.

Matching interior hardware such as cup holders, seatbelts, and latches to accent your plane’s carpet, flooring, leather, and fabric is critical for increasing the value of the aircraft. An additional benefit is creating a desirable luxurious aesthetic that will no doubt “wow” your all-important passengers.

How to Match Parts With These Four Interior Aspects

Consider these tips for choosing the right metal finishes to go with the other materials in your aircraft interior.

1. Flooring

Hardwood flooring is becoming increasingly popular in modern, luxurious aircraft. However, because flooring takes up a significant amount of real estate inside the plane, it’s good for the floor colors to have a soft tone. This way, the floor does not overwhelm the visual look and feel of the remainder of the interior.

The metals used in the aircraft interior parts should be similar in color to the floor, except bolder. For example, if a floor is a dark red oak, the plating should be similar to our HT509 Brass – Dark Aged Walnut or HT157 Champagne Gold – Satin brushed. This creates a complementary look and feel in both color and texture.

2. Carpet

Carpeting is still a great choice to create a luxurious look and feel in today’s aircrafts. Just be mindful of your color selection to match the aircraft interior parts.

A neutral carpet color such as grey, beige, or light brown creates flexibility when choosing colors for the metal pieces in the aircraft interior. For example, HT199 Chrome Pearllite table shrouds are a spectacular choice to complement lighter carpeting for an “airy” feel.

3. Leather

Nothing says luxury quite like leather interiors. Getting the colors right can create a highly-desirable look and feel.

However, it takes a keen eye to correctly match metal parts such as seat belts and cupholders to their accompanying leather sofas and chairs. Oftentimes, a complementary look and feel requires different colors that are distinct from each other.

For example, a black sofa should be accompanied by a contrasting seat belt buckle plated in HT901 Platinum – Polished or HT602 Chrome – Satin Brushed. This creates a highly-appealing visual that conveys a first-class operation.

4. Fabrics

There are many different types of fabrics to select from. You want to select a premium fabric that complements the other aircraft interior aspects, as well as the aircraft interior parts.

When custom color matching fabrics to the interior parts, you should choose colors that contrast the fabrics. You want to choose a metal color that is different enough to stand out when compared against the fabric, but similar enough so as not to be distracting. It requires a delicate balance and keen eye to find the ideal balance to capture the optimal look and feel.

Choose HighTech Finishing for Custom Color Matching

We offer more than 130 color finishes to apply to interior metal parts. However, we do not stop with our selection. We are continually developing new finishes and we can custom color match to your specifications.

Using our color matching capabilities, we can readily match colors from paint swatches, fabrics, woods, competitor samples, or any other material found in aircraft interiors.

Once we discuss the ideal color selection for your job, we follow a 50-step decorative plating process to ensure the highest quality production, finish, and delivery of your aircraft interior products.

With care and precision, we ensure that each piece is produced to exact specifications every time. To ensure longevity, we follow a triple plating/enamel clear coating process to prevent corrosion and ensure that every part meets stringent quality standards, every time.

We recognize that your aircraft, private plane, or fleet is a serious investment. And when you’ve invested considerable resources into your assets, you want to increase the value. That’s why we recommend our expert approach to custom color matching your aircraft interior parts to other aspects of the aircraft interior to ensure a beautiful, durable finish.

Inquire today about enhancing your aircraft interior parts to maximize your investment and create a modern, luxurious feel to your aircraft interior. We’ll even send you a brochure of our color selections to view the possibilities.