Our Latest Initiative to Serve Aviation Interior Plating Customers

William Gonzalez is our new technical field representative serving aviation interior plating customers by high tech finishing in houston texas.

HighTech Finishing has always considered our aviation interior plating customers as a partner, and we pride ourselves in a superior level of customer support. We believe that our job is not finished when we deliver a product; we are also focused on complete satisfaction after the work is completed.

To that end, we are proud to introduce William Gonzalez as our new Technical Field Representative. In this role, William will be responsible for personally visiting customer locations to “check in” on satisfaction levels with plated parts and resolve any issues on the spot.

No other plating company in the industry has invested in a dedicated support representative to perform this service visiting clients on-site to review operational aspects.

Introducing Our Technical Field Representative

William Gonzalez joined HighTech in the accounting department. After multi-year experience in accounting, William took on the challenge of training for the technical field rep role.

William completed a six-month training program on our plating line, equipping him to address each technical need for customers. His combination of knowledge in accounting, shipping, receiving, and production functions makes him well-suited for the role.

In this new role, William will be visiting customers who have recently received completed orders from HighTech. He will be meeting with customers face-to-face to discuss the operational aspects of the customer order such as performance, billing, paperwork, support, expectations, and any other variables in the aviation interior plating process.

“We believe this new customer support initiative enhances the already superb satisfaction and experience customers find when selecting HighTech,” says Rick Niefield, vice president sales and marketing. “The initiative signals to the industry that we are committed to being the best supplier of decorative plating to the aviation industry.”

– For current customers, we will be in contact with you to schedule in-person meetings where William can visit your company and discuss your most recent order(s).

– For companies looking to do business with HighTech, we would appreciate the opportunity to start a new customer relationship. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our team to discuss your aviation interior plating needs.

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