Why Refurbishment Centers Trust Us With Their Aircraft Interiors

Interior of jet that would be customized through aircraft interior refurbishment center by high tech finishing in houston, texas.

A trend that has become the norm for aircraft refurbishment centers is highly-custom requests from customers for the aircraft interior.

Whether it’s an additional lavatory, a custom meeting room, specific configuration of monitors, or the inclusion of the latest available on-board technology, customer requests are becoming increasingly specific. This requires high-level planning and supplier integration to execute each aircraft interior refurbishment request.

Because of the increasingly specific customization that is required for the aircraft interior, this means the aircraft interior parts such as latches, sink faucets, hinges, air gaspers, and more parts also need to be customized to match.

We proudly work with refurbishment centers to meet this need by providing a superior level of aircraft interior metal plating to enhance the aesthetic, quality, and durability of parts.

How We Integrate with Aircraft Refurbishment Centers

Our approach is to assess each order with a fresh perspective. No two jobs are alike, which means we want to ask as many questions as possible about the customer request to identify the ideal solution for providing metal plating to each critical aircraft interior part.

Once we identify how we can help refurbishment centers meet the customer request, we will integrate with your production schedule and processes to ensure we support the timeline.

We will follow our 50-step quality check procedures to ensure the work is performed right the first time and that we deliver the treated parts on-time. [Read this Customer Success Story.]

How We Deliver Superior Plated Parts

You’ll notice a difference in the finished products because of the extreme attention to detail that comes standard in our comprehensive array of plating solutions.

Our approach is to blend expertise from our team and the latest technology to ensure superior parts.

Several of our unique processes assure outstanding consistency and excellence. For example, to achieve a rich, deep, lustrous look and uniformity for each part, we mechanically polish the base metal of each part to a high sheen — even before we begin the electroplating process.

Then, each part receives a base coating of copper plating, which seals the metal completely. This additional step prevents peeling, corrosion, and galvanic reactions. The result is extending the life of the finished part.

We are proud of our track record in an industry that demands precision and careful attention to order specifications to ensure that aircraft interior parts can be reliably installed in the aircraft interior.

Work with HighTech Finishing

HighTech Finishing is honored to work with refurbishment centers across the globe by providing metal plating for aircraft interior parts. We have optimized our processes to integrate with the most demanding timelines and customer requirements to help refurbishment centers remain on time and on budget.

When looking for a partner to support the aircraft interior parts needs of your latest demanding order, look no further than HighTech. We have worked hard to build relationships with aircraft interior refurbishment centers to satisfy the needs of each order.

To schedule your next job or to start a partnership with HighTech, contact us today. We can be reached through our website, via phone at 713-666-0550 or toll-free at 800-949-0124, or via email at

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