These Custom Aircraft Interiors Are Must-See for VIPs

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To impress aircraft buyers, aircraft interior designers must stay up-to-date on the latest trends in aircraft interior designs.

This includes understanding how to create custom aircraft interior design plans that account for the VIP experience that today’s passengers expect when they step onto the plane.

Consider the latest award-winning designs that can be incorporated into your design plans for business jets, luxury planes, and private aircraft.

What Passengers Expect from the Aircraft Interior

Today’s passengers are seeking a combination of space efficiency, technology connectivity, custom air experiences during the flight, and interior accommodations for their busy schedules and lifestyles.

Sky Designs

The use of a sky design for the aircraft interior creates an immersive experience for your passengers. Having the ability to look up at the ceiling and gaze upon beautiful architecture provides a calming sensation that is perfect for enjoying air travel blissfully. This also means it’s important to design the lighting, stowages, and the sidewalls to blend together aesthetically.

Comfort Hardware

Comfortable seating and bedding in the aircraft are incredibly important to create the highest level of satisfaction for passengers. Customizable seating and bedding is a great option for allowing passengers to decide what will suit their needs.

One of the latest trends involves a triple seat that can be extended into a lounge seat to provide a space that a family can share. This will offer passengers extra legroom and even enough room for a small coffee table.

Wheelchair Accommodation

Aircraft interior designers should keep in mind accommodations for travelers that suffer from a physical disability. Because some aircraft designs are trending toward reducing the size of seating in order to maximize capacity, this can present a challenge for passengers that require a wheelchair to move around.

Consider designing the first row of seating to have the ability to lock in a wheelchair. This will reduce the number of seat transfers that the passengers must complete, while also providing them with a comfortable and dignified flight experience.

Multi-Screen Experience

Equipping each seat with interactive screens is an excellent way to provide passengers with an entertainment option during the flight. These screens can allow passengers to perform a variety of tasks such as working on projects, listening to music, watching movies, and staying connected to their preferred forms of communication.

Line Bridge Technology

The atmosphere of the aircraft interior should be pleasing to the eye and create a sense of ambiance and comfort. A line bridge system introduces the ability to project images on the walls of the cabin to create unique scenery that can be changed to the passenger’s preferences. This system also allows for the adjustment of lighting to create interesting effects.

Coffee Table Cabins

Many passengers find themselves in a constant state of busyness needing to conduct work while in-flight. Consider designing seating that allows for large desks with enough space for laptops and writing space. This is a great way to accommodate the busy lifestyle of passengers.

Collapsible Bedding

Collapsible bedding is a great way to increase the availability of space in the aircraft. The configuration could include triple bunk beds that can be quickly folded into seating for landing and take-off. Include a backrest in each bunk so that passengers can sit upright when they want to read or use electronics.

Space-Efficient Seating

Consider replacing traditional recliners with flatbeds to make the seating arrangement more space-efficient. Angling the flatbeds in a way that maintains the same amount of seats as traditional recliners is ideal to provide passengers with their own area and entertainment space.

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