Month: November 2020

Ready to Select Metal Finishing for Your Aircraft Interior Parts?

Aircraft interior part that has been plated by HighTech Finishing in Houston, Texas -- capable of expediting metal finishing for aircraft interior parts

Whether you’re a private jet owner or operate a fleet of aircraft, having the best interior parts can make a world of difference to create the ideal look and feel for the aircraft.

We know that it can be challenging to find a reliable company to plate your aircraft interior parts, especially when facing a tight deadline. Fortunately, HighTech Finishing has the experience, expertise, and equipment to meet your timeline.

No matter what size, shape, or type of parts you need to be plated, we can supply the metal finishing. Consider the following reasons why HighTech Finishing should be your first call to schedule service and get your aircraft back in the air.

5 Points of Service: On-time Delivery of Truly Superior Metal Finishing

Consider how we lead the way in the aviation interior plating industry by providing the highest-quality plating for each customer order.

1. No COVID-19 Disruption

In the time since the coronavirus pandemic reached America in the first quarter, many companies and industries have experienced wholesale disruptions. But, at HighTech, we did not let COVID-19 slow us down.

We implemented high-quality health and safety measures to ensure that we could safely fulfill orders at our standard capacity. We are proud to report that our facility in Houston, Texas, has remained open throughout the entire pandemic. When you’re looking for expedited metal finishing service, we can readily accommodate your needs at our state-of-the-art facility.

2. Our 50-Point Quality-Control Process

We stand behind our work on every part that goes through our plating process. The driving force is our rigorous standards for quality control. We follow a certified 50-point decorative plating process to ensure that every piece that comes off the line is as durable and reliable as possible to meet your needs.

Our quality control process includes:

  • Multiple Inspection Points. We pay attention to every detail with meticulous precision. If the part isn’t ready, we don’t stop until it’s up to our standards.
  • Fit & Function. To ensure dependability, we test each part for proper operation before delivery.
  • Expert Polishing. Our parts are not only functional, but they are beautiful. We polish each part multiple times to create a pristine look before it’s placed back into your aircraft interior. We can also add paint to make interior parts shine even brighter.

3. Patented Customization

For private jet or business jet owners, part of the appeal of owning a personal aircraft is that you can customize the interior look to match your vision. Custom finishes ensure that your aircraft is a work of art and becomes part of your identity.

We have the equipment to customize all plating to your specifications. Best of all, you don’t have to have a schematic upfront. We can work with you to determine which parts you want to enhance and then work together to draft ideas. From there, you can choose the metal finish that fits your style. Don’t settle for an ordinary look; let us make your plane unique and exciting by applying custom finishes to your interior parts.

4. Expedited Service

As a fleet operator or business owner, you can’t afford costly and time-consuming delays. That’s why we have the tools and expertise to ensure that you receive your order as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.

Additionally, we can deliver parts for both small and large orders. Whether you need plating service for just a few interior parts or hundreds for your fleet, we can scale production as necessary to ensure on-time delivery.

5. Proven Results

The aviation industry rightfully follows some of the strictest standards in the world. As a jet owner or operator, you should have peace of mind about the quality of plated parts that are placed back inside your aircraft. At HighTech, we back our service with our ISO9001/AS9100 certification.

We are proud that our Quality Management System (QMS) meets all ISO9001 and AS9100 requirements. We guarantee the quality of each metal part that we plate, and the part won’t leave our facility until it meets our standards.

Contact HighTech Today For Expedited Metal Finishing

Don’t settle for interior aircraft parts that are “just good enough.” You can achieve the desired look to bring your vision to life. Our interior parts plating service will meet your timeline and exceed your expectations.

Contact us today to expedite metal finishing of your aircraft interior parts. We can be reached toll-free at 800-949-0124 or by email at