2020 in Review: Continuing to Lead the Way in Aviation Interior Parts Plating

HighTech Finishing thanks our customers for being part of our success story in 2020 providing aircraft interior parts plating

Being in business since 1984, HighTech Finishing has seen its share of dramatic twists and turns in the aviation industry. But, nothing quite compares to what we all went through together in 2020.

Through this extremely challenging year, we appreciate that we were able to fortify relationships with our valued customers. Whether we have provided you with aviation interior plating for decades or just started working together in 2020, we are incredibly appreciative of your continued business.

We are also proud that our facility in Houston, Texas, remained open throughout this year’s pandemic. Because of our dedicated health and safety measures, we were able to meet your latest needs, introduce new services, and continue to elevate our provision of aircraft interior plating services.

As we finish 2020 and look ahead to what’s in store for 2021, we believe it’s important to share our successes as we continue to build on our history leading the way in aviation interior plating.

HighTech Finishing Successes in 2020

In addition to remaining open and operable throughout the pandemic, we achieved other successes that we are proud to share with you.

– Named Supplier of the Year by Rosen Aviation. At the beginning of 2020, we were honored to be recognized by Rosen Aviation as their 2019 Supplier of the Year for our consistent delivery of high-quality plated parts.

Rosen reported zero defects and zero delays receiving parts that we plated at our shop. In total for the year, we delivered 174 parts to Rosen — all with 100 percent quality completion. This was truly a team award reflecting our exceptional teamwork and strong coordination between teams.

– Completed ISO9001/AS9100 Audit with no findings. Earlier this year, we completed our annual ISO9001/AS9100 surveillance audit with zero findings. This year’s audit was performed virtually due to the pandemic, which meant we needed to coordinate the audit in a completely new way. Our company was prepared.

We are proud of each team’s ability to do their part to help us meet every requirement of the audit. The end result was confirmation that our Quality Management System (QMS) meets all ISO9001 and AS9100 requirements.

– Introduced new Technical Field Representative role. In 2020, we elevated William Gonzalez to a new position that is the first of its kind in our industry. As our Technical Field Rep, William is responsible for visiting customers to validate satisfaction with plated parts.

William is fully capable of resolving any issues on the spot to ensure that each plated part fits exactly to spec and helps elevate the interior look and feel of the aircraft. We added this role after listening to our customers and then crafting an innovative way to perform on-site reviews of operational aspects.

Excited to Elevate Your Aircraft Interior in 2021

Throughout this year’s pandemic, we appreciated the opportunity to collaborate with our customers on a case-by-case basis to provide the plating services you needed during this unprecedented period of change.

We look forward to continuing our efforts to introduce new ways of helping our customers in 2021. That’s why we want to hear from you. What services do you need? How we can further help elevate your aircraft interior?

We have the capabilities, teamwork, and technical expertise to help business jet owners, MRO facilities, vendors, suppliers, and aircraft interior designers meet your specific needs in the post-pandemic environment.

Give us a call today to find a plating solution for aircraft interior parts. Reach us toll-free at 800-949-0124 or locally in Houston at 713-666-0550. We look forward to strengthening our relationships with you in 2021 and beyond.

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