Choosing Between Chrome vs. Nickel Plating For Your Aircraft Interior

HighTech Finishing color selection box, including chrome vs. nickel plating options for aircraft interior parts

When it comes to creating a brilliant look for the interior of your private aircraft, you want to be sure that every decision supports the aesthetic you are going for. This includes deciding between our many offerings including chrome or nickel plating options for aircraft interior parts.

Although you can never go wrong when making the chrome vs. nickel decision, it is still important to understand the visual differences between these two finishes to achieve the absolutely ideal look and feel for your aircraft interior parts.

Chrome Plating Finishes Delivered by HighTech Finishing

For a modern and sleek look, chrome plating is a wonderful choice. It gives a smooth, shiny, uniform, and contemporary interior feel. Although part of the familiar silver-grey family palate, we offer many distinctions within that realm, as detailed below in the finish options we offer. HT602 chrome satin brushed skin

Our chrome family of finishes include the following.

  • Polished Bright is lustrous and clean with a continuous effortless look.
  • Satin Brushed is delicate with faint exquisite traces of brush stroke lines.
  • Frosted is finished with an opaque speckle.
  • Antique has a slightly increased brownish color.
  • Pearllite, as the name suggests, resembles a silvery silky pearl

In tandem with its state-of-the-art look, chrome offers distinct advantages. Primarily, its ability to withstand heavy customer use while maintaining the integrity of the part due to its high level of strength as a metal.

Interior aircraft parts will generally, over time, have wear and tear on them, scratches, and unfortunate dents. This can lead to a shorter life span of the part and thus costly to replace frequently.

However, minor physical faults can be addressed. This will completely revitalize the appearance, making it look brand-new. Parts are then easier to clean and maintain, ensuring that the aircraft stays pristine at all times. You can clean and polish any finish with a non-abrasive cloth.

Nickel Plating Finishes Delivered by HighTech FinishingHT402 nickel satin brushed skin

Nickel is another wonderful, robust choice for aircraft interior parts with its silvery-white luster and slight golden tinge.

With its bright, lustrous appeal, nickel provides an attractive finish to interior parts with a glossy, and a distinct, yellowish hue. We have 12 brilliant nickel options to choose from.

Our Nickel family of finishes includes the following.

  • Polished Bright is creamy, light, and uniform with a hint of pearly gray.
  • Satin Brushed is a bit darker in gray with fine brush stroke essences.
  • Frosted is similar to Frosted Chrome, but darker in nature.
  • Matte Nickel is somewhat further cloudy, but similar to Polished Bright in smoothness.
  • Light Aged (Antique) is relatively more yellow than Satin Brushed with delicate lines.
  • Medium Aged (Antique) is a step darker than Medium Aged with increased gray tones but similar lines as Light Aged Antique.
  • Dark Aged (Antique), the deepest and darkest of the Nickel Antique colors, is opaque with subtle lines.
  • Hammertone has comparable color properties to Light Aged Antique but is finished with a swirl texture.
  • Smoked Nickel Polished Bright has an enhanced brilliance to its counterpart Polished Bright.
  • Smoked Nickel Satin Brushed has hints of greenish gray with discriminating brush lines.
  • Pearllite resembles a silky gold and ivory luxurious pearl.
  • Swirl is similar to Smoked Nickel Polished Bright but has greater prominent swirl finishes on top in contrast to the smaller swirls on Hammertone.

Find Support Selecting From Chrome vs. Nickel Plating Options

Chrome and nickel are both amazing selections for your aircraft interior parts, but picking the right one shouldn’t have to be difficult. Let us help!

Regardless of which plating you chose to elevate the interior of your aircraft, both of these long-lasting metals will provide your aircraft with the perfect touch of beauty and brilliance for years to come.

The challenging part, of course, will be deciding on which of our multiple color options to choose from! To get started, check out our list of over 130 finishes.

Our team is ready and able to help you narrow down the choices for your specific aircraft needs and personality. We are looking forward to working with you to make your aircraft a work of interior art.

Contact HighTech Finishing today to find out more about our industry-leading plating services to enhance the look and feel of your aircraft interior! We can be reached toll-free at 800-949-0124 or by email at

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