Month: April 2021

24K Gold + Black Pearl = Retro Look Options for Aircraft Interior Parts

HighTech Finishing provides black pearl + 24K gold combinations for aircraft interior parts

For aircraft interior designers, we recognize the importance of identifying current, modern, and amazing color combinations to wow clients and their guests who step inside a luxury aircraft or business jet. However, a few customers are now opting for the classic retro look color combination of gold and black.

Imagine 24K Gold that is partnered with a luscious Black Pearl finish on various aircraft interior parts. The results are so transcendent that your clients will lavish in the luxurious feel of the interior of their aircraft.

Imagine the Possibilities of 24K Gold & Black Pearl

At HighTech Finishing, we offer nine stunning 24K Gold decorative plating finishes and five dedicated Black Pearl finishes. Each brilliant decorative metal finish makes a gorgeous impression on its own. But, in combination, the contrasting colors are magnificent. Allow us to illuminate the cosmetic appeal of each color family.

24K Gold Selections

Arguably the most coveted of all the metals in the world, 24K gold is authentically pure in nature, without any silver, zinc, nickel, copper, or any other metal found within it. That makes it the purest type of gold available with 24 out of 24 parts consisting exclusively of gold.

With such an impeccable starting point, the variations of color compositions are simply spectacular. Our 24K gold finishes include:


  • 24K Gold Polished Bright
  • 24K Gold Satin
  • 24K Gold Frosted
  • 24K Gold Light Aged
  • 24K Gold Medium Aged
  • 24K Gold Dark Aged
  • 24K Matte Gold
  • 24K Gold Hammertone
  • 24K Gold Pearllite

Black Pearl Selections

Sophisticated in essence and symbolic in mystery, the color black symbolizes power, elegance, and strength. It evokes feelings of serious prestige in the utmost formal and authoritative way.  The soft addition of a pearl texture — naturally perfect with a glittery sheen — elevates the color black to exquisite heights.

A natural black pearl is more mysterious than its traditional cream cousin. The reason being it takes extremely rare conditions to form pearls that have that dark, mysteriously iridescent glow. With those characteristics in mind, we offer an amazing selection of black pearl finishes:

  • Black Pearl Polished BrightHT203 BLACK PEARL FROSTED
  • Black Pearl Frosted
  • Black Pearl Hammertone
  • Black Pearl Pearllite
  • Black Pearl Satin

24K Gold + Black Pearl = Astonish Your Clients

Elevate the standard of beauty for your client’s private aircraft. What better way to heighten the interior of the aircraft than with the purest of golds and the rarest of black pearl. There are several different combinations we recommend to achieve a breathtaking look and feel.

– The brightest and most brilliant of the metal finish options we have available is the 24K Gold Polished Bright. Combined with Black Pearl Polished Bright, the results are nothing short of stunning. Guests onboard the aircraft will be immediately enveloped in a bright blanket of powerful luxury.

– Softer to the eyes and silky to the touch is the combination of 24K Gold Satin and Black Pearl Satin. Every metal surface travelers touch inside the private aircraft will be like touching a velvety sheet, slightly darker in nature than the polished bright color families, but with a complex depth of color character.

– A unique textured color finish available at HighTech finishing is the hammertone. It is a special finish with a surface that looks just like hammered metal. Selecting 24K Gold Hammertone with a dark Nickel or Pitch Black finish creates one of the most unique, multi-dimensional layers of colors. The gold and black are so effortlessly intertwined that it is difficult to discern one color from the next, resulting in a hammered mixture of strong beauty.

– Additionally, adding a frosted layer such as the Black Pearl Frosted to any finish adds a layer of stardust to an already perfect finish underneath. A subtle sparkle and a shimmery sheen gives the perfect delicate touch.

Contact Us to Discuss Black Pearl 24K Gold Combinations

There are many additional color combinations within these two color families. Although the sky may be the limit, we’re here to help bring these choices back down to earth to help you identify the choices that are best for your clients.

Our team of plating experts can discuss various options with you. We will help elevate the aesthetic appeal of the aircraft’s interior by using a combination of 24K gold and black pearl finishes to aircraft interior parts.

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