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Which Brilliant Finish Do You Prefer for Aircraft Interior Parts?

HighTech Finishing offers 130+ brilliant decorative finishes to apply to aircraft interior parts

Brilliant ideas. Lucrative mergers. Life-long memories. Pivotal moments in business and life do not always transpire in the board room or on the golf course. Sometimes, the actual journey aboard your business aircraft is where these significant moments happen, rather than the destination. Shouldn’t the journey help curate and foster such occasions?

We are a product of our environment, after all, and enhancing the space where substantial events are free to come to fruition is where HighTech Finishing flourishes. Tapping into our impressive list of 130+ brilliant metal finishes for aircraft interior parts will effectively upgrade the look and feel of your aircraft interior to unprecedented levels.

The only hard part is choosing which aircraft interior finishes to apply to each metal part in your aircraft as you strive to create an unmistakable homefield advantage.

Discover Your Preferred Finishes to Aircraft Interior Parts

Let us indulge your senses as you envision the perfect combination of dazzling colors to create a winning aesthetic that wow will business partners, VIPs, and favored guests.

The Gold, Silver, and Bronze Family

Within our lustrous gold, silver, and bronze metal families, there are 48 brilliant finishes to choose from. We have chosen to highlight a few of our unique favorites.

– Rose gold has made quite an impression on the world as of late with its application to everything from high-end smartphones and watches to fine jewelry and shoes. Our Rose Gold Frosted takes this trend to the next level, giving it a frosted, fun, slightly feminine layer. With extremely subtle hints of pink woven into the gold, it is the perfect softer palate for a gentler look.

Imagine stepping onto your aircraft and being enveloped in a sea of Sangria Gold Satin. Like the drink where it gets its namesake, you will immediately feel as if you have arrived at a grand vacation. Just barely brighter than Rose Gold Satin, it has a brushed-on look and a deeper hue.

There’s nothing quite as pure as gold, but white gold takes it to elevated heights. Pure White Gold Satin is just as dreamy as it sounds with creamy greys and whites perfectly blended into a velvety smooth metal finish. Similar to the brushed look of Sangria Gold Satin, Pure White Gold Pearlite echoes the luminous color of Pure White Gold Satin, but with fine brush strokes.

Like a delicate silk glove that fits perfectly on the skin is our Silver Pearlite finish.  Peaceful to look at, it bathes you in luxury with its luscious silvery-ivory look.

A bit higher in nature commanding power is the High Gloss Pewter finish, which is a step above in deepness of color than the Silver Pearlite with brush stoke essences.

Bronze is never in third place among our finishes. And, in fact, our Bronze Satin finish wins every time with its soft subtle lines and sleek finish in a more muted color than gold.

Finally, the “wow-factor” color belongs to our Bronze Polished Bright. Stepping aboard an aircraft to such brilliance and brightness will immediately brighten any mood and set the right tone for business to be conducted.

The Chrome, Brass, and Nickel Family

Our chrome, brass, and nickel families are comprised of 27 beautiful finishes.

With peppered bits of silver and gray, our Chrome Frosted is a softer blend of colors than its harsh predictable predecessor, straight chrome. However, if a more refined and statelier feel is the look you are going for, Chrome Antique is pure perfection in a warmer shade.

Brass Medium Aged Walnut channels a board room presence with a golden glow intertwined with dark thin lines. Brass has never looked more beautiful and creamier than the Brass Pearlite finish. Much less astringent than brass alone, it is the perfect marriage of gold and ivory tones creating an exquisite environment.

Nickel doesn’t have to be boring, and our Nickel Swirl and Nickel Hammertone are a unique twist on this often-overlooked color. Bright, silvery finishes with interesting etched swirls are intertwined with one another creating a creative, eye-catching pattern.

A highlighted smoldering finish is the essence of our Smoked Nickel Polished Bright metal. It’s less dark than the Swirl and Hammertone, but just as dramatic to create a unique environment to close the big deal.

The Copper, Black, and Platinum Family

There are 20 metal finishes to choose from in our copper, black, and platinum families.

Among the more unique color finishes to choose from, but no less stunning is copper.  The addition of satin with its soothing qualities makes our Copper Pearlite finish perfect for making esteemed guests feel at ease. Goldish-brown hues with flecks of pearl distinguish Copper Light Aged from all the rest.

Similar to the Nickel Hammertone but darker and deeper in color is the prominent Black Pearle Hammertone. With its deep, yet delicate swirls, it commands attention.

Is there anything more elegant than Pitch Black Soft Velvet? It is an unforgettable finish prestigious enough for the most discerning of tastes.

Lest we forget about our platinum finishes. Platinum derives its name from the Spanish word platino, meaning “little silver,” but there is nothing “little” about our Platinum Polished Bright and Platinum Frosted finishes. Bright and bold, these silvery-white finishes are big on their glowing pigmentation with the added iridescence on the Platinum Frosted.

There’s no telling the success you will experience when the aircraft interior is enhanced by this dazzling array of colors applied to each aircraft interior part.

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At HighTech Finishing, we are unrelenting in our pursuit of the perfect finish to apply to each aircraft interior part. Whether it’s a buckle, light, or latch, there is an opportunity to achieve brilliance supporting the interior of your aircraft interior.

Have the perfect selection in mind? Let us know! Did we spark an idea for something new or different to try? Our expert designers can turn your vision into reality!  We can match any color from literally any item such as paint swatches, fabrics, or competitive samples to create something unique for your aircraft interior parts that will be sure to wow guests and create the right business environment.

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