Employee Spotlight: Investing In Our Plating Team Leads to Customer Success

HighTech Finishing employee provides aircraft interior plating services at our facility in Houston, Texas, USA

HighTech Finishing is committed to creating customer value for our aviation clients by going beyond the conventional customer-supplier relationship. One of the primary ways we achieve this objective for our clients is by proactively building up our employees.

We continually reinvest in our employees and empower them to do what’s best for our customers. William Gonzalez is a great example of this as an employee who grew into a brand-new role that would benefit our clients.

As we announced last year, we were the first company in the decorative plating industry to introduce the role of a Technical Field Representative, which William stepped into during 2020. Even during the height of the pandemic, we believed it was critical to introduce this role to personally visit customer locations, check on the performance of plated parts, and resolve any issues directly with the customer.

There are other great examples of how our employees have grown over time and remained committed to supporting our clients’ latest needs through long-term employment at HighTech.

Highlighting Our Employees Committed to Customer Success

We would like to highlight three employees who have demonstrated a long-term commitment to customer success and have continually performed at a high level:

  • Andres Rosales
  • Ricardo Gonzalez
  • Tani Rodriguez

Andres Rosales

Andres Rosales has worked for HighTech Finishing for 7 years. He currently supports masking for faucets and other aircraft interior parts. Like many other employees in our company, Andres has advanced to take on more specialized jobs for our customers.IMG 0523 1

Andres started in wiring and racking, then moved to gold plating, and now masking. He is exceptionally skilled at plating faucets in 24k Gold using various types of design templates.

“With my plating knowledge, it helps me figure out which of the different masking techniques works best for each customer part,” Andres says.

Andres particularly enjoys fellowship with his co-workers, the schedule, benefits that our company offers to employees, and the opportunities to grow. We appreciate Andres’ dedication, especially supporting the creation of brilliant gold-plated parts for our customers!

Ricardo Gonzalez

We are very proud of our 50-step decorative plating process that ensures the highest quality production, finish, and delivery of aircraft interior parts for our customers. Ricardo Rodriguez is instrumental in ensuring that we follow this process every time for every customer.IMG 0475

Ricardo has been with our company for 10+ years. In his current role, he provides Quality Assurance (QA) services to ensure that each finished product meets customer requirements and expectations.

Over the past decade, Ricardo has acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in industry best practices for the plating process. He has expanded his knowledge base in the ISO9001/AS9100 process requirements, enabling us to apply zero-defect finishes on every part, every time.

“I enjoy working with the HighTech Finishing team and implementing improvements to our QA process,” Ricardo says. “I truly appreciate the people and camaraderie of this team.”

Tani Rodriguez

At HighTech, our customer service standards are very high. We aim to exceed expectations by providing more than just support to our customers. Tani Rodriguez enables us to meet these high standards by serving as an excellent customer service liaison.IMG 0493

Tani has been with HighTech for 9 years and he is primarily responsible for tracking customer orders. He ensures that each customer’s needs are met and that our company handles any difficult, unique, or time-sensitive orders with exceptional care.

“I realize that personal touch is very important in my role,” Tani says. “I enjoy creating and nurturing customer relationships to ensure the customer is always happy.”

We appreciate Tani’s commitment to fostering long-term customer relationships that go far beyond mere support by proactively seeking out ways to help our customers.

Discover Our Employee-Led Customer Support Difference

These are just a few examples of the many dedicated employees that enable our company to exceed our customers’ expectations. Our staff enables our company to be one of the most reliable, prompt, and quality-driven plating companies in the industry.

We invite you to learn more about our dedicated team by contacting us today. Whether you are a new customer or have worked with us for decades, we appreciate the opportunity to strengthen our relationships with customers so that we can continue to create customer value for you and your company.

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