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Aircraft interior part treated by HighTech Finishing using gold color plating

Since ancient times, the precious gold metal has been considered a symbol of strength, wealth, and dignity. Not only is gold beautiful in its luster, but it brings a warm richness to any space or object that — when done correctly — doesn’t feel over the top, but rather the mark of elegance.

In recent years, gold has made a stately comeback in subtle, yet substantial ways. From gold accents gleaming on the catwalks at the most coveted fashion shows to sleek drawer pulls and elegant stove accents to classy coffee tables, it is clear that designers are embracing this impressive trend without being gaudy with exaggerated extravagance.

In addition, when used near any light source, the warmth of gold’s unique glow and the mood it creates is unmatched by any other metal, which makes it the ideal metal finish for aircraft interior parts.

At HighTech Finishing, our impressive list of over 30 brilliant and unique gold finishes allows interior designers and business jet owners alike the opportunity to draw inspiration and create that perfect balance of using just the right amount of gold on interior parts to enhance the overall aircraft interior. Let’s examine this opportunity to use gold color plating on key parts to achieve a brilliant look and feel.

Gold Color Plating Creates The Right Environment

When it comes to utilizing gold on elements of the aircraft interior, less is often more. The power of the overall effect is in its purposeful placements. Too little, and the gold goes unnoticed. Too much, and it can look gaudy.

With the help of our experienced team, we can help you select the perfect gold finish for your interior. This way, we will plate a carefully selected lineup of aircraft interior parts to help create a polished and posh environment desired for today’s aircraft interiors.

Consider Your Options From Our Gold Family

– For a delicate, softer feel, our Rose Gold finish delivers a soothing, yet lustrous sophisticated look. Rose gold, with its blend of blonde, gold, and light pink, never goes out of style. Add any one of our Rose Gold metal finishes to seat buckles, cup holders, or bathroom faucets, and the effect is undeniably elegant and en vogue.

– Opulent golds, such as our 24K Gold Polish Bright or Hammertone finishes, when accented appropriately, bring the luxurious old-world classic style of Kings and Queens into the aircraft without being ostentatious. Glittering door handles, brilliant latches, and bright table bases may seem insignificant, but they seamlessly pack a powerful punch together, and the effect is all together exquisite.

– No matter what brilliant gold finish you select, the beautiful benefit of gold is that it pairs well with just about every color palette imaginable. Whether the seats are a deep cognac or the carpet is a rich navy, every selection from our gold family brings out the best in the colors it accents. Gold truly is the standard in which every other metal must follow.

What About Mixed Metals?

Just because gold is trending does not mean that aircraft interior designers must abandon every other metallic finish or start from scratch if additional metal finishes are already onboard.

Mixing metals is a transitional trend gaining traction. Adding a little gold to silver finishes or combining copper with white gold is a hot trend. We expect this trend to continue long into the future, allowing our customers the opportunity to get creative about mixing various metals to create a desired, luxurious look.

Ask us about finding the perfect balance that matches your customers’ preferences. We certainly appreciate the opportunity to participate in your creative thinking around introducing multiple color options for aircraft interior parts.

Contact HighTech For Gold Star Service

Our exceptional team of plating experts are well-versed in gold trends. We can help you bring your client’s vision to fruition using our gold color plating options.

The standards at HighTech are just as high as yours, and we are ready to work with you! We can be reached toll-free at 800-949-0124 or by email at to discuss your next project.

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