Month: October 2021

Win At Business: Private Jet Interior Design Tips for Elite Owners

Take a peek inside the latest private jet interior design trends to help owners win at business

For owners of private aircraft and business jets, the importance of luxury style and appeal cannot be overlooked, especially if your goal is to create a welcoming business environment to entertain clients.

Not only are luxurious aircraft interiors capable of elevating a space aesthetically, but these beautifully designed interiors can also be extraordinarily fluid and functional. High-end materials, flowing lines, and matching color schemes can dramatically influence the ambiance of your space while also offering sophisticated efficiency.

What’s the result of this investment? A more engaging and inviting atmosphere that will unmistakingly contribute to business success. Discover why elite owners need to stay current on the latest private jet interior design trends to wow valued guests.

The Importance of Private Jet Interior Design

During the Golden Age of air travel, the glamor of flight was understood and appreciated by all. Cabin interiors were accentuated with thoughtful accents, detailed patterns, and premium materials. Although this glamor has been lost in the mainstream, elite private aircraft owners are capable of delivering this signature experience to sophisticated passengers.

By matching luxurious designs for the aircraft interior with brilliant decorative colors for aircraft interior parts, business owners can realize the full benefits of enhanced interior spaces. Supported by the ideal setting, any business flight can easily set in motion future working relationships, translating in-flight engagement to boardroom handshakes.

Latest Developments in the Private Jet Design Sector

The goal is not to pursue just any interior design scheme for your private jet. There is an unmistakable art to achieve your desired business aesthetic that feels like an exuberant luxury escape.

Fortunately, there are many modern design concepts that can provide private jets with a sleek and minimalistic look that creates the ideal ambiance. Premium finishes and first-class materials can be used to impart a lasting impression of confidence and luxury.

Trending and Classic Private Jet Interior Designs

Currently, some of the most elegant and sophisticated interior designs in aviation can be found on private jets such as the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, Airbus aircraft, and the lavish Airship Kyoto. In particular, Dreamliners with the “Azure” interior design scheme have inspired various new design ideas. This lavish Azure scheme showcases design elements such as marble walls, modeled ceilings, and bold floral prints in neutral color tones.

An Uptick in Modern, Vintage, and Classic Design Trends

Many Airbus ACJ319 models have recently been enhanced with vintage elements similar to the first-class luxury passenger trains of the late 1920s. Highlighting the best of the Art Deco era, these trending design schemes implement plush materials, real wood accents, bold contrasting colors, gold detailing, and a range of statement pieces.

Eastern and Western Trends Combine for Trendy Vibes

Additionally, combining Eastern and Western design elements is another great way to create an elegant ambiance in the air. Geometric patterns and flowing color schemes add visual appeal. Separated spaces with decorative screens can make cabins feel larger, creating a sense of space to allow passengers to think and engage. Pops of color and bold prints can create a feeling of depth as well.

Creating Lavish Luxury with Subtle and Tasteful Materials

For elite owners looking for a touch of subtle luxury, tasteful accents such as wood and gold with high gloss polishes can create a sophisticated yet comfortable ambiance. Neutral colors are always classy and high attention to detail can enhance a space with voguish panache.

Other trending designs work to make a statement with bold lines and warm earth tones. Clean lines and freestanding features create focal points to draw the eye. Alternatively, savvy colors can impact the entire mood of any contemporary space. The same is true for textures, which can add a sensation of tactility. Well laid out matching interior designs can create a functional space while also offering high-end upper echelons ambiance.

Enhanced Illumination with Interior Lighting

Finally, lighting must be considered. As with all luxury designs, lighting can make or break the ambiance of a space. As seen in most large-cabin aircraft, expansive windows and light tones offer airy yet elegant appeal. Carefully applied lighting solutions can create similar effects within bedrooms, bathrooms, and the main passenger cabin.

Let Our Design Specialists Help Elevate the Interior

Whether you are seeking trending or timeless design schemes, HighTech Finishing can provide assistance by color-matching aircraft interior parts to the selected decor of your private aircraft interior.

We take tremendous pride in staying on top of the latest aviation interior trends. This allows us to create beautifully plated aircraft interior parts that will help create a natural impression of chic sophistication, elegance, charm, confidence.

To elevate the interior of your private aircraft, we encourage you to contact us today to speak with one of our experienced aviation interior specialists. We can be reached toll-free at 800-949-0124 or by email at to discuss your vision to elevate the aircraft interior and win at business.