Our Metal Finishing Technology Ensures a Consistent Part Every Time

A HighTech team member showcasing a custom interior jet part finished supported by metal finishing technology

Completion centers, aircraft manufacturers, and refurbishment enterprises in the aviation industry understand that when it comes to interior aircraft parts, nothing but the best will do. Customers of this caliber know that every interior element, from the cabin to the cockpit, must meet a certain standard of exceptionality.

That’s why we use only the latest metal finishing technology for aircraft interior parts, and our plating experts pay meticulous attention to detail when handling interior parts as part of our 50-step process.

Apart from our stringent standards and decades of industry experience, there are many other reasons to choose HighTech Finishing for your next plating job. To help you proceed with the utmost confidence, here are a few ways we offer the most consistent and advanced plating for aircraft parts in our field.

Customized Parts Will Match Your Exact Specifications

We can customize an array of parts according to specifications provided by clients. You’ll always benefit from the perfect fit, complete with a gorgeous appeal, superior functionality, and a luxurious feel.

Whether you need custom plating for each individual part or if you need a large volume of parts to be plated in bulk, our team understands that a consistent finish is essential. For this reason, we use only the latest advanced technology. In fact, in the aviation business sector, our metal finishing technology and advanced equipment are second to none.

Count on Our Consistency for an Exceptional Completed Design

By implementing a superior decorative plating process, we ensure the highest grade for every component that comes through our shop. Our skilled team will utilize the latest, most refined metal finishing technologies at every step of the process. That way, every inch of the completed aircraft’s interior is exceptional.

Our team can perfectly plate aircraft interior parts of all shapes and sizes for luxury jets, private aircraft, and business aircraft. We follow a comprehensive decorative plating process to ensure the best ultimate finish for every part we produce.

With 13 cleaning and polishing steps, 17 quality control checkpoints, and many other additional measures, our team ensures that parts are always exceptional and ready to be placed into the aircraft interior.

For more than 35 years, we have served the unique needs of companies in the business aviation sector. We strive to instill confidence in our clients at every step of the process. With perfection as our goal for every job, we utilize our experience and top-tier technology to ensure your total satisfaction.

Our Experts Strive for Nothing Short of Perfection

Technological advancements have allowed us to streamline processes and handle more aircraft interior parts without sacrificing quality and consistency. Plus, we’ve never lost sight of ensuring that one of our experts applies the finishing touch to every order.

The HighTech team includes experienced craftsmen who excel in their role validating and verifying every part before leaving our shop. We understand that there’s no room for error in the aviation industry. For this reason, we pay meticulous attention to detail to ensure that every element of your job is nothing short of excellent.

Contact Us for Your Next Plating Project

Are you ready to begin your next project? At HighTech, we offer stunning decorative metallic finishes with brilliant colors, plus custom-made fitment options. You can find exemplary solutions for each aircraft interior part that requires plating.

Our goal is to match the look of each interior part to the overall design of the aircraft interior, which will elevate the look and feel of the entire arrangement. We encourage customers to contact us today to discuss the needs of your latest interior design project. We’ll identify the right solution for interior parts.

Discover how we use metal finishing technology to deliver precisely to your specifications for each order. Contact our team today to learn more. We can be reached toll-free at 800-949-0124 or locally at 713-666-0550.

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