Use Our Advanced Metal Treatments for Aircraft Interior Parts

Use Our Advanced Metal Treatments for Aircraft Interior Parts

When it comes to aviation interior plating, those seeking top-quality outcomes and dazzling aircraft part configurations should look no further than HighTech Finishing. Our skilled team of aircraft interior plating professionals can help you match colors, refurbish parts, support luxury interior arrangements, and provide more support.

With nearly 40 years of experience enhancing aircraft parts, our plating industry specialists have been elevating the look and feel of aircraft interiors since 1984. We offer 130+ stunning finishes, and clients can choose from numerous custom color and material configurations.

So, how do we deliver a flawless finish for each order? Our team follows a comprehensive 50-step plating process for each part we plate to ensure excellence and consistency every time.

Specifically, we use advanced metal treatments to deliver exceptional finished products. Learn more about how we effortlessly complement and elevate the look and functionality of the aircraft interior.

A Look Inside Our Advanced Metal Treatments and Services

HighTech Finishing plates aircraft interior parts using the latest industry specialty tools and comprehensive solutions. Our advanced treatments allow you to optimize the look and feel of various metal parts in all imaginable colors.

Whether you need color-matching services, customized finishes, or refurbishment, we can assist you in plating and enhancing the look of your aircraft.

130 Finishes and Custom Color Matching

Choose from over 130 brilliant finishes and enjoy access to a quality selection of luxury options. With a vast collection of standard colors and customized finishes, we make it easy for finished parts to enhance any aircraft interior!

Our team can match colors from fabrics, paint swatches, woods, competitor samples, and more. We’ll help you achieve the distinguishing aesthetic you are seeking.

Versatility and Comprehensive Solutions with Consistent Results

We can expertly plate parts for standard aircraft, large configurations, or uniquely shaped interior pieces. Our advanced plating techniques streamline the design process, delivering immaculate results.

All the while, we work hard to make things as simple as possible on your end. We even offer presentation samples (as seen below) and accurate pricing estimates to help your marketing and design teams. Ultimately, we strive to deliver an excellent final product while exceeding your expectations from start to finish.

Sample Box 3

About Our Comprehensive 50-Step Metal Finishing Process

At HighTech, we implement an exhaustive 50-step metal plating process for interior aircraft parts. No detail is overlooked, and each perfectly plated interior part we deliver is unrivaled in form, functionality, feel, and aesthetic appeal.

Our comprehensive 50-step decorative plating process includes the following:

  • 17 quality control steps.
  • 13 cleaning and polishing steps.
  • Numerous checkpoints and additional measures to ensure that every custom part is immaculate.

We prioritize material quality at every stage and handle each customer’s customization specifications with care and consideration. Our team will polish, inspect, and test each part for the utmost quality and design excellence. Only after our rigorous plating process has been completed will we deliver the final product to you, the customer.

Let’s dive into some of the critical advanced metal treatments in our plating process.

Meticulous Cleaning and Inspection Processes

When we treat metal parts, you can rest easy knowing that your order is in the best hands. From the moment we receive parts to when we begin the plating process, our team will ensure that every detail receives proper attention.

Unrivaled Quality Assurance

Before plating any aircraft interior part, we will clean, inspect, degrease, and process it. By segregating parts based on their metal type and function, we ensure that each element is cared for and preserved correctly. Then, we will visually inspect each part to confirm that it is in good order and ready for plating.

Premium Plating and Polishing Steps

We undertake the process of anodizing and plate stripping each part with the utmost care and attention to detail. Throughout this process, our team continuously inspects the progress of polishing to ensure the highest levels of quality control.

Depending on the finishes you select, our belt polishing process involves four polishing steps and is followed by a grease polish, a sisal polish, an airway polish, a stitch polish, and a color polish.

Then, we perform another quality assurance visual inspection. Only then will we polish parts using our industry specialty tools. After this stage, each part is again cleaned and inspected before moving into the plating stage.

Exceptional Parts Plating Services

The plating process will vary depending on your selected finishes. We offer nickel base plating, color polishing, and multiple other plating processes steps to create an exceptional part with a dazzling look and high-quality functionality.

Per your specifications, every single element of the plating process is undertaken with adept deliberation. Between each stage of these processes, we will perform visual quality assurance inspections.

Assembly, Inspection, and Packaging

After your interior parts have been plated and polished to perfection, we reassemble everything and perform a final quality assurance check. Only after we are confident that every element of each product will meet or exceed your expectations will it be carefully packaged and prepared for shipping to your location.

We then log each order to ensure all parts and pieces are properly accounted for and organized before shipping them back to you.

Discover Quality Metal Finishing Services from Skilled Aviation Interior Plating Specialists

Our team is equipped to deliver the most satisfactory results in the aviation plating industry. You will receive nothing but the best from our expertly trained specialists at every stage of the parts plating journey.

We deliver perfectly plated interior parts for aircraft manufacturers, refurbishment centers, and other customers. We know that you care about the tiniest details, which is why we are never satisfied until we have produced absolutely brilliant results.

If you are looking for a partner to deliver high-quality parts for the aircraft interior, look no further than HighTech Finishing. Thanks to our advanced metal treatments and capabilities, we are prepared to satisfy even the most difficult job.

Contact us today to discuss your latest needs for aircraft interior plated parts. We can be reached toll-free at 1-800-949-0124 or locally at 713-666-0550.


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