Month: December 2022

Accelerate Your Timeline for Aircraft Interiors Refurbishment

HTF Team preparing to add a finish to an aircraft interior part

The best aircraft refurbishment centers do everything possible to ensure that each aircraft serviced is completed quickly and efficiently with optimal client satisfaction.

But we know that production slowdowns are inevitable due to supply chain issues and global disruptions. Often, the work on the aircraft interior suffers the most because of front-end delays in putting together other pieces of the puzzle for each project.

Want to improve your aircraft interior refurbishment timeline and deliver more consistent results to your aviation clients? If so, we encourage you to partner with the industry-leading aviation interior parts specialists at HighTech Finishing. We put the finishing touches on each aircraft interior part according to your timeline.

Why Work with HighTech for Aircraft Interiors Refurbishment

Our skilled team of aviation parts and plating experts is highly experienced in working with refurbishment centers. We can accelerate your timelines to provide consistently excellent results for an array of aviation clients.

Our award-winning company ensures consistency in delivering the highest quality finishes. We are ISO9001/AS9100 certified, and we follow a strict process to replicate custom colors on every part, every time. We strive to exceed the expectations of every refurbishment client collaborating with our company.

Not only can we support your timeline for completing the refurbishment of aircraft interiors, but we won’t contribute to issues you may be experiencing in your supply chain. We are committed to building positive working relationships with our customers to meet your changing needs.

Here are just some of the specific ways that HighTech Finishing can enhance your aircraft interior refurbishment operations.

Unlock Precise Aircraft Refurbishment Results in Record Times

No one wants to trade quality for velocity. At HighTech, we prioritize both! We use a precisely calculated 50-step plating process to metal-plate interior parts. Each element of every part we plate is carefully inspected from top to bottom before being shipped.

We work with precision to meet expedited timelines for parts delivery. Our refurbishment clients can always enjoy the ideal combination of efficiency and excellence.

Large Capacity & Capability for Aircraft Interior Parts

When you partner with HighTech, all plated parts are produced and inspected using in-depth inspection processes within strict designated deadlines. Upon receipt of your order, you can rest assured that every component was plated according to the specs.

  • Our award-winning plating process can accommodate small, medium, and large aviation plating projects.
  • Each worker is trained in our acclaimed 50-step plating process.
  • We expertly meet the needs of clients, ranging from small refurbishment centers to extensive facilities.
  • We deliver on time through our QuickTurn Service that enhances scheduling and production.

Resolve Key Issues for Better Results and Improve Your Top-Line

We understand the unique needs of refurbishment centers. Since 1984, we have partnered with refurbishment centers and other clients in the aviation industry to deliver high-quality, metal-plated parts. Over the decades, we have fully optimized our production techniques to meet the individual specifications of each client.

We are well aware of the challenges that refurbishment teams face when it comes to on-time aircraft deliveries. From supply chain delays and vendor concerns to delivery issues and quality control difficulties, our specialists have seen it all and solved it all.

We know what it takes to adhere to your demands to complete orders according to customer timelines. We will do everything in our power to meet and surpass your expectations for receiving those final interior parts to complete the project.

Say goodbye to the hassle of finding reliable vendors for every single aspect of an aircraft’s interior. It’s time to mitigate the stress of fighting supply chain delays by letting our aviation parts specialists go to work on your behalf.

When it comes to delivering the custom parts you need on time, we have your back.

Contact Us for Aircraft Interiors Refurbishment Projects

HighTech Finishing is entirely dedicated to the aviation industry, allowing our company to invest in our people, facility, and equipment. We strive to provide the highest value products and services promptly to our customers.

We even received the Supplier Quality Award from one of our clients. The award recognized our company for 100% on-time delivery of 100% quality parts with no defects over an entire year.

We can extend the same award-winning support to your refurbishment center. Our metal plating service and parts production team specializes in partnering with refurbishment centers and can help you expedite your timelines in numerous ways.

You can expect that each plated part will:

  • Match the overall design of the aircraft interior.
  • Be plated with the highest quality materials.
  • Be carefully inspected using stringent quality control processes before being delivered to your location.

Contact HighTech Finishing today at 800-949-0124 or locally at 713-666-0550 to discuss interior parts. Our skilled team is prepared to meet your needs for ​​aircraft interiors refurbishment projects.