Job Openings

Are you looking for a new career direction in the field of aviation interior plating? We provide specialized training on the HighTech Finishing process to produce brilliant aircraft interior pieces. Read our latest job openings to find out how to elevate your career.



The Receiving Associate is responsible for receiving packages, opening and verifying the contents. Counting the contents accurately is of utmost importance, the Associate will also engrave the parts with the designated job number for traceability whenever possible, and will move the parts ready to be put into production in a timely fashion…Read more


The Maintenance Tech – Plating Equipment is responsible for ensuring plating equipment is working and in good condition as well as providing general maintenance to plating equipment such as heaters, pumps, rectifiers, etc. as needed, and ensuring preventive maintenance in all plating equipment is performed timely and in accordance with the schedule…Read more


The Paint-Packing Tech is responsible for coordinating parts/material according to the production schedule as well as coordinating parts/material for production control coordinators as a priority. Moving parts/material from curing oven to buffing area in a timely manner. Performing…Read more


The Wiring & Racking Tech is responsible for preparing parts/material for plating process by selecting appropriate wiring techniques and selecting the appropriate rack/hook for proper conductivity. Moving the prepared racks/hooks to the plating area for processing and moving racks/hooks with plated parts/material to be unhooked and unwired.  Performing a…Read more


The Specialty Finishing Tech is responsible for processing parts/material by performing polishing techniques on small or delicate parts/material as required by the finish. The Specialty Finishing Tech is responsible for selecting the appropriate polishing wheel and compound in addition to processing parts/material for sandblasting as required by the finish.  Performing a visual inspection for…Read more


The Satin Tech is responsible for processing parts/material by performing satin techniques and proper selection of satin pads. The Satin Tech must ensure the satin direction is in accordance to the job traveler special instructions.  Performing a visual inspection for obvious defects and reporting such defects to…Read more 


The Masking Tech is responsible for masking parts/material in accordance to work instructions and/or customer drawings/sketches requirements. Once the material is masked to the specifications the Masking Tech moves the material to the processing area.  Performing…Read more 


The Paint/Clear Coat Tech is responsible for applying a clear coat layer to parts/material by using spray gun and other techniques as necessary. The Paint/Clear Coat Tech must ensure to not over spray and/or under spray parts/material.  The coat has to be applied evenly.  The Paint/Clear Coat Tech is also responsible for moving parts/material into curing oven.  Performing…Read more


The Parts Cleaning Tech is responsible for cleaning parts/material after polishing by hand and/or by using the Ultrasonic cleaner. The Parts Cleaning Tech must ensure parts/material are thoroughly cleaned prior to moving parts/material to the next processing step.  Performing a visual inspection for obvious defects and reporting such defects to Team Leader or Supervisor.  Moving…Read more


The Plating Tech-Trainee is responsible for plating parts/material in accordance to the finish. The Plating Tech-Trainee will apply different plating techniques based on experience level and will be closely monitored by the Plating Supervisor or by a selected experienced plater. The Plating Tech-Trainee must display proficient knowledge of process control meters and timers and…Read more