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EBACE 2022: HighTech Finishing Eager For Return Trip to Geneva

Read our EBACE 2022 preview as you prepare for the event

Over the past two years, the global pandemic altered international gatherings for the aviation industry. Now, we have the opportunity to re-gather in Geneva, Switzerland for the 2022 EBACE conference.

This year’s European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) conference is set for May 23-25 at the Palexpo international exhibit center. HighTech Finishing will be attending and exhibiting at Booth #U36. We encourage you to add us to your show planner schedule to set aside time to visit with the HighTech team.

Why We Are Eager for EBACE 2022

There are many reasons why HighTech is excited to return to EBACE in Geneva. We’d like to highlight three main reasons.

1. In-person visits! We have not seen many of our international customers since the pandemic. We view EBACE as a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with customers, assess your latest needs, and strategize fresh solutions to elevate the look and feel of aircraft interior parts.

Plus, as we continue to expand our global reach in providing decorative plating for aircraft interior parts, we view this as an opportunity to meet face-to-face with new customers. We are confident that we can take your vision for the aircraft interior and help bring it to life through our superior plating service for interior parts.

2. Exciting new technology! We are also looking forward to Geneva because of the amazing opportunity to learn about the latest aviation technology and futuristic aircraft that will soon be dotting the skies. The presentations and displays from some of the top aircraft manufacturers in the world never disappoint.

Then, our team will be able to apply this learning to our development of new plating solutions for aircraft interior parts. We take great pride in our ability to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to new technology for our business aviation customers. This way, we can continuously meet our customers’ needs for high-quality decorative metal parts that fit any aircraft interior.

3. Stellar program! This year’s program schedule is outstanding. Many aviation business leaders will be speaking or participating in panel discussions during the conference. We are particularly interested in these topical discussions:

  • Long-term Strategies for the Future of Business Aviation
  • Supporting the Launch of AAM (Advanced Air Mobility) Operations Within Business Aviation
  • State of Industry: Presentation & Data Insights
  • Sustainability – A Flight Plan for the Future
  • Operational Challenges in the Next 12 Months

We are particularly interested in learning more about the latest developments around advanced air mobility. We see AAM as an integral part of the future of business aviation, and we plan on being ready to provide our plating services for interior parts used in AAM aircraft.

Connect with HighTech at EBACE 2022

This is an exciting time for our industry as we look forward to gathering together again to share, learn, and collaborate.

Make plans to stop by the HighTech Finishing location in the Palexpo at Booth #U36. View the EBACE 2022 floorplan to map out your visit to our booth.

Planning to attend the convention? Reach out to us in advance so that we can expect to meet with you in person. We look forward to seeing you May 23-25 in Geneva.

Leverage Our Global Reach to Elevate Aircraft Interiors

Elevate your aircraft interiors on a global scale with HighTech Finishing

HighTech Finishing is proud to work with numerous OEMs, refurbishment centers, and completion centers around the world. We serve clients throughout North America and Europe by providing industry-leading metal plating services for aircraft interior parts.

Our goals in 2022 include expanding our support for companies in North America, strengthening our existing relationships with European customers, and branching out into the Middle East.

Thanks to our decades of industry experience and the quality of our teams, we are more than capable of elevating the aircraft interiors for business jets and private aircraft at your facility. Plus, the reliability of our services allows us to provide timely support for our customers during today’s challenging market conditions.

Filling a Need for Aircraft Interior Parts

We understand that global supply chain disruptions continue to affect OEMs, refurbishment centers, and completion centers. It’s challenging to get the parts you need when you need them so that you can meet production schedules to deliver finished products to your customers.

HighTech simplifies the process of receiving the finished parts you need for the aircraft interior. We have built an industry-leading process of providing high-quality decorative metal parts to our customers:

  • Our plating process is ISO 9001/AS9100 certified.
  • Our Quality Management System (QMS) meets all ISO 9001 and AS9100 requirements.
  • We include 17 QC checkpoints in our 50-step plating process.
  • We ensure consistency for every part we treat, every time.

Our “zero defect” quality program enables us to efficiently treat aircraft interior parts, then quickly deliver the finished parts to your facility – whether in North America, Europe, or Asia. When quality and time are of the essence, you can rely on HighTech to fulfill orders according to your specifications.

Our process captures why we recently received the Supplier Quality Award from one of our customers. For this customer, we achieved 100 percent quality completion with no defects or delays for an entire year.

The question is: which plating finishes do you need for aircraft interior parts?

Consider Our Selection of Aircraft Interior Part Finishes

We offer a dazzling selection of 130+ decorative metal finishes for aircraft interior parts such as latches, lights, faucets, hinges, gaspers, and other parts. Plus, we have the capability of providing our plating service on odd-shaped or oversized parts. You’ll have the opportunity to select from numerous selections in our color families:

  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Chrome
  • Brass
  • Nickel
  • Copper
  • Black
  • Gold
  • White Gold
  • Platinum

To get started on making your selection, talk to our team about identifying the ideal color(s) for interior parts that will match the aircraft cabin and other interior aspects. Our design experts can help you make a determination. You can also provide us with materials or samples from fabrics, woods, paint swatches, or other materials that we will custom match.

Once you make a selection and send us the parts to be treated, we will follow our ISO 9001/AS9100 certified process to complete your job. We will ensure that your color selection is precisely replicated on each part in your order. You can expect to see a consistent finish when you receive the finished parts.

Contact Us Today to Enhance Aircraft Interior Parts

Don’t let domestic or international supply chain disruptions impair your facility. We can fill a need in your aircraft interior production by supplying beautifully-plated parts that will bring each aircraft interior to completion.

No matter where your facility is located, we will work with your team to meet production schedules. Leverage our global reach and capabilities to get the parts you need according to your timeline.

Contact us today to discuss our finishing selections, our process, or other aspects of working with our company. We can be reached at 713-666-0550 or toll-free at +1 800-949-0124.

We look forward to developing a partnership with your facility to meet the needs of your aircraft interior production schedule throughout the year.


Create a Dazzling Aircraft Interior Product For Your Customers

Business jet interior benefiting from a designer’s touch to the aircraft interior product

Excellence is not an option for designers looking to create the most visually appealing aircraft interior finished product. You want to leave your private aircraft and business jet customers with an impression of superiority. After all, an exceptional interior is one of the best ways for business leaders to turn their aircraft into an opportunity to make the perfect impression on VIP customers.

When it comes to modern interior aircraft design, seamless congruence is critical. From the moment a customer enters a private jet to the very end of their flight, an impression of supremacy must be maintained. This can be done using thoughtful design techniques, quality materials, and brilliant aircraft interior parts.

Consider some of the latest and greatest interior aircraft design themes for business jets and private aircraft. Then, learn how we can support your aircraft interior design by plating the interior parts that will bring your design to completion.

Aircraft Interior: Strike the Balance Between Appeal and Comfort

Lately, stylish comfort is trending. However, striking the perfect balance between comfort, luxury, and corporate professionality is a complex process.

Comfort-wise, many business jet interiors have been redesigned with bold, personal touches for 2022. These designs often showcase a fluid, organic form of professional integration. The look is professionally cozy. It’s not an easy feat, though!

What’s Trending in Aircraft Interior Design for 2022

  • Hammered and textured metals
  • Light-colored woods
  • Cool tones and gray-blue hues
  • Luxury comfort and adaptable functionality
  • Innovative tech for seamless connectivity
  • Custom touches and plated matching finishes
  • Bold stitching and dark metals
  • Updated appliances and holistic gadgets
  • Seamless, fluid design concepts

For business jet interiors, a touch of luxurious charisma adds an essential dose of allure. Textures, light-colored woods, satin finishes, and other delicate materials can be gorgeously offset by dark, metallic embellishments and high-quality parts.

Requests for hardwoods in non-traditional colors have become more prevalent in the Aircraft Interior Design industry as well. For instance, colors like gray, gray-blue, or stone-washed white pearlite, have become popular. All the while, red-hued beiges, warm tans, and browns have become less prevalent.

These neutral colors are then paired with hardwood flooring as opposed to stone, granite, or veneer finishes. However, marble is still popular, especially light-colored marbled finishes paired with warmer metallic tones and reflective accents.

Thick textured materials in shades of white, cream, or gray are also popular. Think gray and white marble with rose gold or warm-toned platinum metals. Comfortable chairs and custom, logo-etched dinnerware add an extra, sophisticated touch.

Comparatively, the demand for rose gold is not as high as it was in 2021. Instead, darker metals like black onyx, gunmetal gray, deep silver, and other cool tones are trending currently. Also, hammered metals, textures, and darker metal plating with cooler hues are popular.

Subtle Touches Drive Home a Feeling of Quality and Excellence

Comfort, luxury, and excellence can go hand in hand – provided you follow a seamless design theme. Integrating a casual and comfortable feel with professional quality concepts is easier when you pay close attention to the fine details.

Many corporate aircraft now feature company logos or other brand elements in wood finishes, embossed glassware, or parts such as metal buckles. Logos may also be stitched or etched into leather, stone, or integrated with metallic accent pieces. This is a creative way to subtly integrate a professional touch without interfering with the comfort factor of passengers.

However, comfort doesn’t stop merely at the aesthetic level. Heated floors, new appliances for the galley, and specialized countertops have been consistently popular in 2022. Layered LED cabin lighting and renovated bathrooms are a must. Convection steam ovens have been replacing microwaves while wide waterfall faucets and herringbone sinks are making their way into bathrooms.

Ultra-comfortable seating is another trend inspired by today’s preference for creature comforts. Massage chairs anyone? We recommend genuine leather with metallic accents that complement your current color scheme.

These features and amenities are critical pieces of the aircraft interior design puzzle. But, the aircraft interior product is not complete until interior parts have been plated to match the luxurious interior design.

Complete the Aircraft Interior with Metallic Finishes

For a completed look, aircraft interiors need to consider our selection of 130+ brilliant colors for interior parts. We offer gold, silver, platinum, nickel, and everything in-between in various tones, hues, and textures. There are endless combinations to match our finishes to your aircraft interior design.

Plus, we can custom match part finishes to samples you already have on hand. Whether you need to match fabrics, woods, paint swatches, or other materials from the aircraft interior, we have you covered.

Let us help you complete your aircraft interior design by providing you with accentuated aircraft interior parts. We invite aircraft interior designers to contact us today to take advantage of the 2022 aircraft interior design trends and help you achieve your end goal of a fluid, modern, luxurious aesthetic.

With our help, your aircraft customers will immediately notice the quality and superiority of your design concepts. Contact us toll-free at 800-949-0124 or locally at 713-666-0550 to learn more about how we can help create a dazzling aircraft interior product for your customers through our interior parts plating service!


Why 24K Gold Is Used in The World’s Most Luxurious Private Jets

Find out why the world’s most luxurious private jets use 24k gold plating for interior parts

For the final word in elite aircraft interior luxury, look no further than 24k gold. Nothing can compete with the lustrous feel, opulent glint, and magnificent aesthetic appeal of pure gold, which is why the world’s most luxurious private jets utilize gold throughout the aircraft interior.

Apart from its ability to create a luminous and luxurious effect in the interior of a private jet, 24k gold is one of the most hygienic and corrosion-resistant finishes that money can buy. With a rich, bright color that is more reflective than brass or copper, gold finishes create a wonderfully classic and timeless ambiance. You simply can’t put a price tag on that.

Solid gold is the ultimate finish for those who want nothing to make a statement about their success on a global scale. Learn more about why now is the time to invest in 24k gold to elevate the interior of your flying palace.

Gold Interior Finishes Are Always Trending for Aircraft

Gold never goes out of style and can add depth, luxury, and warmth to any interior design concept. It is ideal for business moguls and other individuals seeking to create elite spaces.

Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, gold makes the ultimate power statement anywhere you go. This premium finish sends an immediate message to passengers that you have achieved a level of success that places you among the upper echelon of air travelers.

In the world of aesthetic visual appeal, gold classically pairs with matte black finishes for a feeling of contrast, capability, and quality. Gold also can take the look of marble, granite, velvet, satin, leather, or cashmere to new levels of top-tier desirability.

Plus, gold can easily be cast into highly detailed shapes as well. This makes it the ultimate plating material for aircraft interior parts.

Gold in Business Jet Interiors: The Ultimate Power Play

HighTech Finishing offers nine distinct types of 24k gold finishes for aircraft interior parts. You can view our impressive selection in the Gold Family from our expansive selection of brilliant decorative metal finishes.

Each of the following 24k gold finishes has a distinct look, allowing you to enjoy interior decor versatility like no other as you look to translate success in the conference room to the air.

– 24K Gold Polished Bright: For the brightest and most luminous golden glow, this highly polished finish is the way to go. It has warm tones of yellow gold to create an ambiance of warmth and shimmering hospitality. It also adds illuminating luster to small or large spaces. This is an instant classic that drips rich magnetism.

– 24K Gold Satin: For a slightly more subtle but equally luxurious feel, our Gold Satin finish is a perfect choice. This soft golden tone goes with warm or cool colors. It complements a range of interior finishes beautifully. This shade wonderfully emboldens tones like coral, rose, cream, cyan, or teal. Smooth to the touch, this finish feels as wonderful as it looks.

– 24K Gold Frosted: Slightly warmer than our Gold Satin tone but cooler than Gold Polished Bright, this Frosted Gold finish is ideal for creating depth and warmth. It is simultaneously modern and classy with the perfect polished luminosity. This color goes with cool hues, amber palettes, colored gems, and rose.

– 24K Gold Light Aged: Looking for something that will add a timeless feeling of elite opulence? This delicately aged shade will do the trick. It’s subtle and muted, yet rich and chic. This light shade complements just about any color palette.

– 24K Gold Medium Aged: For a slightly darker look, this savvy chic shade is a lovely choice. It pairs with wood or stone finishes like teak or marble stunningly. We recommend this color to those seeking a balance of warm and cool tones.

– 24K Gold Dark Aged: Our darkest shade of genuine gold, this 24K Dark Aged finish is ideal for clients who want to subtly incorporate the splendor of gold in a small space. It draws the eye and inspires curiosity while adding an elegant and unquestionably luxurious touch to aviation interiors.

– 24K Matte Gold: Another instant classic, this is easily one of the most popular shades we offer. Matte Gold is elegant and clean with the perfect balance of richness and warmth. This premium finish adds the perfect touch of flair and top-quality elegance without overwhelming a space.

– 24K Gold Hammertone: This Gold Hammertone finish adds depth, contrast, and complexity to any private jet cabin. It also looks at home in professional spaces. If your aircraft interior design includes muted colors or smooth opaque finishes, then Gold Hammertone imparts a charming textural note for aircraft interior parts.

– 24K Gold Pearllite: Last but certainly not least is this shade of Gold Pearlite. With the ideal balance of luster and luminescence, it creates an ambiance of silky smooth grandeur. This is a magnificent choice for those who want to add a feminine touch to a masculine space. It also works well with either neutral palettes or bright colors.

Contact Our Aviation Interior Plating Specialists Today

Let our team elevate your aircraft interior through our 24k gold plating options. Our plating experts can skillfully add this lavish material to interior parts to create a superior look and feel.

We are recognized around the globe for our ability to accentuate and enhance some of the world’s most luxurious private jets through our plating capabilities. Let us apply our expertise to your aircraft interior parts to create a consistently spectacular finish.

To get started on creating a luxury interior that is customized for your greatest desires, contact us today. Our experts are ready to partner with you to capitalize on your business success.

To reach us by phone, dial us toll-free at 1-800-949-0124 or call us locally at 713-666-0550. Alternatively, contact us through our website to inquire about metal finishing services for aircraft interior parts.


3 Tips to Create a Luxurious Helicopter Interior in 2022

Find ways to tap into these luxury helicopter interior ideas for 2022

The use of helicopters for business travel is booming post-pandemic. Business executives and other business leaders have identified helicopter travel as a flexible and reliable method to quickly meet with customers.

Plus, traveling by helicopter reduces the risk of health concerns. Instead of being exposed to a large number of people sitting first-class on a commercial flight, business executives can enjoy limited contact in a safe, clean environment on a helicopter.

As a result of this positive trend, we anticipate that helicopter operators will remain busy throughout 2022 serving the needs of business passengers. That’s why we recommend investing in updates to the helicopter interior to maintain a luxurious look and feel.

Creating a luxurious helicopter interior will provide business travelers with the ideal environment to conduct business and prepare for important meetings at their destination. Consider the ways that helicopter operators and designers can elevate the interior in 2022.

Our Tips for Elevating the Helicopter Interior

Creating a luxurious environment for business travelers requires a keen eye and knowledge of the latest design trends. Consider the opportunity to apply these trends to the helicopter interior.

1. Apply Office Design Trends

The helicopter interior should serve as a natural extension of their corner office or the board room for business executives. As soon as a business traveler steps inside your helicopter, they should feel like they are sitting in a luxurious space prepared to make key decisions.

Take a moment to contemplate the corporate office interior design trends for 2022 that can inspire the interior design of your helicopter aircraft:

  • Consider using lighter colors with a mix of grays and neutral colors.
  • To create a positive atmosphere, consider using light wood mixed with flashes of colors.
  • Consider using subtle colors on flooring to create a sense of energy and focus.

Another consideration is whether to utilize specific branding or design elements. If you provide helicopter travel for one company, then you should consider incorporating their corporate logo and other brand marks into the interior design.

However, if you serve a variety of business executives from various corporations, then consider incorporating general design elements that would be universally appealing to business executives that set foot on your aircraft.

2. Evaluate Current Luxury Trends

Luxury is constantly evolving in other settings such as automotive, fashion, and jewelry. Take a look at advertisements in magazines such as Fortune, Forbes, and Inc. You can quickly get a visual feel for the latest luxury design trends that are in play.

For a more scientific approach, consider an example from the automotive world that can be applied to helicopter interior design. BASF spent considerable time and resources developing their 2021-2022 Automotive Color Trends collection for application in automotive design.

In summary, BASF is recommending color spaces “anchored in optimism and resilience” that take advantage of “calming, unwavering, and thought-provoking colors.” The color scheme is meant to capture the potential for individuals to press forward following two years of pandemic-related challenges.

The same applies to supporting business executives that will use your helicopter for transportation. The ideal use of color in the interior design scheme can provide executives with clarity of mind to prepare for what’s ahead making critical decisions.

3. Elevate Aircraft Interior Parts

Another key aspect of creating a luxurious helicopter interior is enhancing the interior parts. Cupholders, buckles, latches, lights, and hinges can all be enhanced to match the overall interior design, bringing everything to completion.

This is where HighTech Finishing comes into play. We provide high-quality decorative metal plating services for aircraft interior parts. We offer 130+ brilliant metal finishes, and we are constantly adding new colors to take advantage of the latest design trends.HTF Pitch Black Stardust 1 REVISED

Additionally, we will also create custom color finishes based on customer requests. For example, a helicopter operator recently asked us to craft a color that was different from standard interiors — one that would stand out from the pack.

After much research and deliberation, our team of experts suggested a new, intentionally whimsical color idea that was based in black with multi-color sparkles to catch the eye. We called it Pitch Black Stardust. And, it was exactly what the helicopter operator had in mind.

There are no limits when it comes to plating helicopter interior parts. We will gladly work with you and your team to devise the ideal finish that will bring your luxurious vision to life.

Contact HighTech to Help Elevate the Helicopter Interior

Now is the time to take advantage of the increased demand for helicopter transportation. Let’s discuss the application of helicopter interior design trends to your aircraft and our capabilities of providing superior metal plating services for interior parts.

Contact us today to get started on creating a luxury helicopter interior to serve your corporate clients. We would appreciate the opportunity to partner with you in 2022 and beyond to serve your latest needs.

– To reach us by phone, call HighTech toll-free at 800-949-0124 or locally at 713-666-0550.


Have You Seen Our Decorative Nickel Plating Options for Interior Parts?

Select from our decorative nickel plating options to enhance aircraft interior parts

Have you been looking for fresh ideas to create luxurious aircraft interior designs for business jets or other private aircraft? If so, we encourage you to consider our stunning decorative nickel plating options to truly elevate the brilliance of aircraft interior parts.

Why Decorative Nickel Plating for Aircraft Interior Parts?

Nickel can create a brilliant look for the interior of various private aircraft. This type of finish will support and enhance a range of aesthetic designs! Versatile, durable, and capable of adding a deluxe touch to just about any look, nickel is a wonderfully robust choice to consider.

Indeed, nickel is an incredibly attractive option for aircraft interior parts. With a silvery-white luster or warm golden tones, this appealing metal provides an attractive finish and has endless design applications.

Glossy, bright, or smooth, with brilliant and bold hues, we offer a dozen stunning nickel finishes, each with a distinctive look. No matter which option you go with, the finished product is sure to create a luxurious and elevated ambiance for elite travelers.

12 Stunning Nickel Finishes to Select From

In the Nickel family of our decorative metal finishes, you will find 12 decorative nickel plating options that can all be used to enhance and elevate your interior design plans. These nickel coatings can be used individually or combined with other finishes to create visually appealing depth and luxurious enhancements to aircraft interior parts!

Consider the opportunity to enhance your design plans by selecting the ideal nickel finish. Just picture the opportunity to create a captivating business environment for the passengers that are privileged to set foot inside the cabin.

1. Polished Bright

For a bright and illustrious ambiance with delicately balanced tones, this Polished Bright nickel is creamy and light. Uniform and consistent, it also has shimmering hints of pearly gray. The stunning sheen and vibrant polish of this finish make it a wonderful choice for an upper-echelon vibe that’s subtle yet elegant.

2. Satin Brushed

Our Satin Brushed nickel variant is slightly darker in color than our Polished Bright nickel finish. As such, both our Polished Bright and our Satin Brushed nickel finishes compliment each other nicely with their similarly cool and creamy, calming hues. With delicate brush strokes, this finish creates a feeling of attention to detail.

3. Frosted

This stunning finish is perfect for complementing solid materials within an aircraft interior. With its slightly ombre-like hue, it offers the ideal balance between gray and creamy light silver. This complimentary versatile finish is perfect for offering depth in a small space!

4. Matte Nickel

The cloudy and consistent nature of this Matte Nickel finish is smooth, subtle, and refined. This is a timeless choice for interiors with complex patterns that need a high-quality touch that will not feel overwhelming.

5. Light Aged (Antique)

With warmer tones than our Satin Brushed finish, this delicate and lightly aged nickel has refined brushstrokes for a complex high-end look. This lovely warm tone offers an elegant dose of regal charm with just the right amount of fine detailing. It can be used to complement our Polished Bright nickel, Frosted nickel finishes, and more.

6. Medium Aged (Antique)

One step darker than our Light Aged Antiqued nickel, this medium color variant has deeper gray tones with a subtle and elegant brushed finish. It complements both our Nickel Pearlite and Polished Bright nickel colors wonderfully adding depth and elegance.

7. Dark Aged (Antique)

As the deepest and darkest shade of our elegant Nickel Antique colors, this deep opaque tone features subtle brush lines. It goes well with a range of lighter finishes and material textures. Easily add a chic touch to many color schemes and patterns to make your designs stand out. This is also a great choice for those seeking to create an elegant contrast in small passenger spaces.

8. Hammertone

If you have been seeking a classy textured finish for interior parts, our Nickel Hammertone is a bold choice to consider. This premium finish is comparable to our Light Antique Nickel but finished with a stunning swirled pattern. This is a thoughtful choice for complimenting light solid colors, deep natural tones, rich leather accents, and more.

9. Smoked Nickel Polished Bright

With an enhanced brilliance and soft finish, this Bright Smoked Nickel has been polished to a beautiful light sheen. This color is perfect for enhancing the look of various parts in the aircraft interior. It also pairs wonderfully with a range of other finishes, including our Dark Aged nickel.

10. Smoked Nickel Satin Brushed

With hints of gray and cooler tones comparable to an ocean green, this finish has discriminating brush lines and pairs well with warm tones, blue hues, and more. Truly, this naturally rich satin nickel can be used for various design applications. It effortlessly allows you to bring a touch of complexity to the parts used in your interior layout.

11. Pearllite

For a silky and luxurious look, our Pearllite Nickel color is warm and welcoming with a shimmering undertone that’s sure to enhance an array of design plans. Pair it with a Dark Aged or Frosted nickel for depth and contrast. This stunning color has a smooth satin finish that feels wonderful to the touch.

12. Swirl

Last but not least is our Swirl finish. This chic and eye-catching option adds depth and complexity with a high-end look. Add visual appeal to interior parts with this gorgeous choice. Similar to our Smoked Nickel Polished Bright color, it has prominent swirl finishes which are larger than those found in our Hammertone finish.

Tips for Combining Finishes to Create a Complimentary Look

Light and dark, warm and cool, matte and gloss. The perfect contrasting materials and metallic finishes can add a touch of shine and create a sophisticated, timeless feel! Consider how to maximize your use of decorative nickel plating for interior parts.

Know Your Luster Levels

High shine and low shine finishes are ranked by their luster. The highest luster will come from polished finishes, followed by the luster of softer satin finishes, antique finishes, and last of all, matte finishes. These luster levels can work together to enhance various design elements, play off of the ambiance of your space, or layer textures for more visual appeal to the interior parts.

Create Contrast and Depth

Creating a contrasting look on interior parts can add critical elements of depth and visual appeal to the overall aircraft interior. This tactic is especially effective when creating an ambiance of luxury and depth within a small area such as a business airliner cabin. Consider mixing two or more of the premium finishes found in our Nickel family for a deep complementary look.

For instance, pairing a high-gloss choice with a matte option can also add depth and contrasting luster. Or, choose two tones in a complementary color house with differing depth, such as our Nickel Polished Bright and our Nickel Swirl.

Find Inspiration from Fixtures You Already Love

If you need more finish combination inspiration, look at some of the fixtures that you already like. Choose fixtures that combine two metals in the same wheelhouse with different tones. For parts used in small space designs such as aircraft cabins, it is best to choose visually appealing finishes with similarities to avoid overwhelming the space.

Our Aircraft Interior Finishing Specialists Are Here to Help

Are you unsure which nickel finishes to select and mix for aircraft interior parts? Need to consult with a design expert to discuss finishes that will complement other aspects of the aircraft interior? Our team is here to assist you!

Reach out to us at HighTech Finishing to discuss your aircraft interior design plans, client preferences, and other unique aspects of the design project. We’ll work with you to unlock the ideal decorative nickel plating finishes that support your project goals.

Then, we’ll follow through by delivering exceptional aircraft interior parts through our proven decorative nickel plating service.

Contact us today to discover the opportunity to enhance the look and feel of the aircraft interior. We can be reached toll-free at 800-949-0124 or by email at to discuss your project.

NBAA-BACE 2021 Recap: Meeting the Needs of Our Customers with Superior Lead Times

NBAA-BACE 2021 was held October 12-14, 2021 in Las Vegas, with HighTech Finishing exhibiting (photo credit:

One of the highlights of the year for our company was returning to the NBBA-BACE Conference in Las Vegas. After a one-year absence due to the pandemic, NBBA-BACE 2021 was held October 12-14 at the newly-renovated Las Vegas Convention Center.

Several members of our company traveled to Vegas to connect with customers that we haven’t seen in some time, as well as meet some new faces at HighTech Finishing booth #759 in the West Hall.

Our team included Carl Bartuch (CEO), Simon Haining (President), Amanda Taylor (National Sales Manager), Rick Niefield (VP of Sales & Marketing), Naomi Lockhart (Account Manager), and King Chan (Controller). This was Simon’s first NBBA event and Naomi’s last trip before she retires in January!

Because the industry is in an uptick due to increased demand for private aviation, there was tremendous interest in our plating and replating metal finishing options for aviation interior parts. Customers were particularly interested in our track record of exceptional lead times.

How We Support the Needs of Aviation Customers

During NBAA-BACE 2021, we connected with independent designers, refurbishment centers, charter companies, private jet owners (including a famous magician!), and executive-level management on the OEM side. The common need is fast turnarounds on plated parts.

Thanks to our industry-leading process for interior part plating we can meet the needs of each customer group by delivering plated parts on time to help beautify the aircraft interior. We appreciated the opportunity to tell this story to so many members of the aviation community that need reliable partners to support their tight deadlines in the post-COVID environment.

After holding a series of substantial meetings at our booth and at the booths of our customers, we walked away from Las Vegas with confidence that we can provide the appropriate solution for each customer.

Other Highlights from NBAA-BACE 2021

– We caught the eyes of aircraft interior designers with our selection of 130+ decorative plating finishes. Right now, the finishing trend is blacks and grays, particularly in matte finishes. We offer several unique combinations to satisfy this design trend.

– We drew interest in the newest finishes that we have added since the pandemic. There was particular interest in our new offering, “Light Satin Gray,” which fits with the design trend of emphasizing grays in aircraft interior design.

– We noticed there was an overall resurgence of interest in supersonic aircraft. This was one of the themes of NBBA-BACE 2021 emphasizing the opportunity for advanced aircraft capabilities to become more accessible. We are prepared to support the needs of supersonic aircraft manufacturers by plating the aircraft interior parts.

– Our luncheon was an absolute hit. We appreciate everyone that attended our mid-conference luncheon to take a break and enjoy some quality face-to-face time in the midst of a busy conference.


– Overall, our trip to Las Vegas was a success. We enjoyed seeing everyone back in action enjoying a little slice of normalcy post-pandemic. Our team is already looking forward to next year’s NBAA-BACE gathering in October 2022 in Orlando, Florida.

To get in touch with our team to follow up on NBBA-BACE 2021, contact us today to discuss a solution for your aircraft interior. We look forward to hearing from you!


Win At Business: Private Jet Interior Design Tips for Elite Owners

Take a peek inside the latest private jet interior design trends to help owners win at business

For owners of private aircraft and business jets, the importance of luxury style and appeal cannot be overlooked, especially if your goal is to create a welcoming business environment to entertain clients.

Not only are luxurious aircraft interiors capable of elevating a space aesthetically, but these beautifully designed interiors can also be extraordinarily fluid and functional. High-end materials, flowing lines, and matching color schemes can dramatically influence the ambiance of your space while also offering sophisticated efficiency.

What’s the result of this investment? A more engaging and inviting atmosphere that will unmistakingly contribute to business success. Discover why elite owners need to stay current on the latest private jet interior design trends to wow valued guests.

The Importance of Private Jet Interior Design

During the Golden Age of air travel, the glamor of flight was understood and appreciated by all. Cabin interiors were accentuated with thoughtful accents, detailed patterns, and premium materials. Although this glamor has been lost in the mainstream, elite private aircraft owners are capable of delivering this signature experience to sophisticated passengers.

By matching luxurious designs for the aircraft interior with brilliant decorative colors for aircraft interior parts, business owners can realize the full benefits of enhanced interior spaces. Supported by the ideal setting, any business flight can easily set in motion future working relationships, translating in-flight engagement to boardroom handshakes.

Latest Developments in the Private Jet Design Sector

The goal is not to pursue just any interior design scheme for your private jet. There is an unmistakable art to achieve your desired business aesthetic that feels like an exuberant luxury escape.

Fortunately, there are many modern design concepts that can provide private jets with a sleek and minimalistic look that creates the ideal ambiance. Premium finishes and first-class materials can be used to impart a lasting impression of confidence and luxury.

Trending and Classic Private Jet Interior Designs

Currently, some of the most elegant and sophisticated interior designs in aviation can be found on private jets such as the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, Airbus aircraft, and the lavish Airship Kyoto. In particular, Dreamliners with the “Azure” interior design scheme have inspired various new design ideas. This lavish Azure scheme showcases design elements such as marble walls, modeled ceilings, and bold floral prints in neutral color tones.

An Uptick in Modern, Vintage, and Classic Design Trends

Many Airbus ACJ319 models have recently been enhanced with vintage elements similar to the first-class luxury passenger trains of the late 1920s. Highlighting the best of the Art Deco era, these trending design schemes implement plush materials, real wood accents, bold contrasting colors, gold detailing, and a range of statement pieces.

Eastern and Western Trends Combine for Trendy Vibes

Additionally, combining Eastern and Western design elements is another great way to create an elegant ambiance in the air. Geometric patterns and flowing color schemes add visual appeal. Separated spaces with decorative screens can make cabins feel larger, creating a sense of space to allow passengers to think and engage. Pops of color and bold prints can create a feeling of depth as well.

Creating Lavish Luxury with Subtle and Tasteful Materials

For elite owners looking for a touch of subtle luxury, tasteful accents such as wood and gold with high gloss polishes can create a sophisticated yet comfortable ambiance. Neutral colors are always classy and high attention to detail can enhance a space with voguish panache.

Other trending designs work to make a statement with bold lines and warm earth tones. Clean lines and freestanding features create focal points to draw the eye. Alternatively, savvy colors can impact the entire mood of any contemporary space. The same is true for textures, which can add a sensation of tactility. Well laid out matching interior designs can create a functional space while also offering high-end upper echelons ambiance.

Enhanced Illumination with Interior Lighting

Finally, lighting must be considered. As with all luxury designs, lighting can make or break the ambiance of a space. As seen in most large-cabin aircraft, expansive windows and light tones offer airy yet elegant appeal. Carefully applied lighting solutions can create similar effects within bedrooms, bathrooms, and the main passenger cabin.

Let Our Design Specialists Help Elevate the Interior

Whether you are seeking trending or timeless design schemes, HighTech Finishing can provide assistance by color-matching aircraft interior parts to the selected decor of your private aircraft interior.

We take tremendous pride in staying on top of the latest aviation interior trends. This allows us to create beautifully plated aircraft interior parts that will help create a natural impression of chic sophistication, elegance, charm, confidence.

To elevate the interior of your private aircraft, we encourage you to contact us today to speak with one of our experienced aviation interior specialists. We can be reached toll-free at 800-949-0124 or by email at to discuss your vision to elevate the aircraft interior and win at business.


Introducing Our New National Sales Manager Amanda Gilley Taylor

Amanda Gilley Taylor has been hired as HighTech Finishing National Sales Manager supporting the customer buying experience of aviation interior plating for aircraft interior parts

We are eager to announce the hiring of aviation leader Amanda Gilley Taylor to the position of National Sales Manager.

Amanda is joining HighTech Finishing after an extensive career as a customer sales executive for companies that deliver products for the aircraft interior. In her new role for HighTech, Amanda will be responsible for refocusing the customer buying experience with an emphasis on our company’s artisan craftsmanship and quality approach to the decorative plating of aircraft interior parts.

“There is so much potential in the aviation industry right now and we have a great team at HighTech to capitalize on those opportunities,” says Amanda. “Decorative plating is the crown jewel of an aircraft’s interior scheme, but it often doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. I look forward to supporting our current customers and leveraging my professional relationships in the industry to create new, long-lasting customer accounts.”

Building Relationships With Aviation Customers Across the Globe

Under Amanda’s direction, we anticipate expanding into new customer markets. Utilizing our company’s trusted brand recognition in the aviation industry, Amanda will be supporting North American expansion into OEMs and refurbishment centers.

Amanda will also support our global expansion efforts reaching into the European and Middle Eastern business aviation markets. There are additional opportunities to support charter companies and seek out partnerships with fractional and management companies.

“Amanda is the ideal fit to take on the role of National Sales Manager because of her experience in the aviation industry and her track record of customer success in previous roles,” says Rick Niefield, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Her enthusiasm and passion for the aviation industry coupled with her commitment to our company’s core values of integrity and customer relationships is the winning combination we were looking for to support our growth objectives.”

Prior to joining HighTech, Amanda represented veneer and custom carpet companies that provided products for the aviation interior. She also supported a start-up company in the mid-2000s, where she fell in love with the aviation industry and started to build relationships in the industry. Amanda’s career highlights include:

  • Gaining vendor priority from accounts that previously had allegiance to a competitor.
  • Spearheading the development of product strategies to support refurbishment centers.
  • Managing a team of sales representatives to support expansion efforts in aviation.
  • Developing new product lines to assist designers in the refurbishment market to more easily select a carpet pattern to coordinate with the jet’s existing veneer.

“I am a product junkie, and decorative plating will be no exception. I am thrilled that my relationships in the industry led me to this family at HighTech,” Amanda says. “I have seen some incredible facilities during my career, including logging and slicing veneer overseas, several different carpet mills with their unique intricacies, and now this delicate art of decorative plating.

“However, my favorite experiences will always lie with my customer interactions. In my perspective, when I save my customers’ projects by offering solutions to problems or obstacles, that’s when everyone wins.”

Under Amanda’s leadership, we look forward to elevating the aircraft interior for our customers through an enhanced customer experience for decorative aircraft interior plating. We also anticipate building new customer relationships as we continue to serve the global aviation market.

– Contact HighTech Finishing at or toll-free at +1-800-949-0124 to talk to Amanda about aviation interior plating solutions for aircraft interior parts. We look forward to serving your needs.

Join Us in Las Vegas For the 2021 NBAA-BACE Conference

HighTech Finishing is attending the 2021 NBAA-BACE Convention, October 12-14 in Las Vegas.

HighTech Finishing is eagerly anticipating the 2021 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) scheduled for October 12-14 in Las Vegas.

After last year’s NBAA-BACE conference was canceled due to the pandemic, our team is looking forward to meeting in-person with business jet owners, aircraft interior designers, and other customers to discuss the latest developments in our aircraft interior plating capabilities.

This year’s conference will be held at the all-new West Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center. HighTech will be exhibiting at Booth #759 in the West Hall. We encourage you to add us to your show planner and make plans to stop by our booth to talk to our team.

What to Expect at 2021 NBAA-BACE in Las Vegas

By the time this year’s conference takes place, it will have been two years since the business aviation community came together to experience the future of aviation. After that long of a break, you can expect to be blown away by what’s on the horizon:

  • See innovations up-close as part of 50+ educational sessions.
  • See what’s available in the market through side-by-side displays.
  • View emerging technologies that are redefining the aviation industry.
  • Hear the latest news from aviation companies that will be announced during the conference.

You will also have the opportunity to see 100 unique aircraft up-close-and-personal at the Henderson Executive Airport. This is a great opportunity to see the latest line of business jets, helicopters, and other air vehicles all in one place.

If one of the jets you see in Vegas strikes your fancy, then we can help elevate the look and feel of the aircraft interior. We offer 130+ brilliant decorative metal finishes for aircraft interior parts, including the ability to custom match finishes to bring your vision to life.

There will also be opportunities to learn more about how to utilize a private jet to support business growth. Tap into the education sessions designed to help you gather information on how to leverage your aircraft for business success.

Overall, we understand that the pandemic remains a very real concern for large, in-person gatherings. The event organizers are closely monitoring the latest CDC guidelines to ensure that each attendee can safely enjoy the conference. We recommend checking out the conference’s latest COVID-19 resources and guidelines as you prepare to make the trip.

Connect with HighTech Finishing at NBAA-BACE

Come join us October 12-14 in Las Vegas for this year’s NBAA-BACE Conference. We look forward to re-connecting and sharing in the future of aviation.

Are you planning to attend the conference? Contact us ahead of time to let us know. We’d appreciate the opportunity to schedule a meeting time with you.