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How to Adjust for Changes to Aircraft Interior Design

Business jet or private plane aircraft interior seating arrangement by high tech finishing in houston. texas.

This year’s global health crisis and the introduction of social distancing represents a seminal moment for the future of aircraft interior design.

Temporary adjustments will need to be built upon in future design plans. And, future design plans need to align with changes to customer orders and passenger expectations.

For interior designers of business jets, the challenge is finding the balance between passenger health and business needs.

For example, distance measures will need to be incorporated into passenger seating to limit potential risks associated with the exchange of breath, but without taking away from the need to collaborate, hold meetings, and complete business activity.

Interior designers will need to be creative in finding the way to strike this balance. This will help the business jet community as everyone strives to restore confidence in aircraft travel.

3 Creative Ways to Adjust Aircraft Interior Design

Consider these creative ways to strike the balance between protecting personal health through social distancing and supporting business collaboration.

1. Incorporate Built-in Partitions

In everyday life, we have seen good and bad examples of businesses using partitioning to separate customers and guests while in a confined space. When applied to aircraft interior design, one idea is including built-in partitions between passenger seats.

This will require adjustments to interior design plans to include partitions that can be utilized during the flight. This way, passengers can safely create a pod-like environment separating themselves from the other passengers or retract the partition to have conversations, collaborate, and hold meetings.

The visual challenge of incorporating a retractable partition is to avoid interfering with the interior aesthetic. This will require careful customization to match the other design aspects of the aircraft interior to meet customer specs and passenger expectations.

2. Create More Separate Environments

A creative idea for aircraft interior designers is creating more separate spaces or designated areas throughout the aircraft.

Many business jets have an open-space concept where passengers can freely walk through the cabin to take a seat or talk to other passengers. This may need to be adjusted to create designated areas for general discussion, separate isolation areas for each passenger, and designated meeting areas.

Consider the parallel of today’s co-working spaces that are trendy in the business community. There are typically open desk areas, separate offices away from the general population, and designated conference areas.

This idea of creating designated spaces for each activity will help meet cleaning and sanitation needs to maintain a safe environment, while empowering passengers to understand their role in helping support a healthy environment.

3. Consider Moveable Seating

A primary challenge facing wide-body, passenger aircraft is what to do with the middle seat. The temporary solution during the health crisis has been to mark off this seat to support social distancing. Now, some companies are proposing plans to make the middle seat face a different direction.

When thinking about seating for business jets, interior designers have the opportunity to think through innovative seating arrangements to embed social distancing into the interior design.

Safety is obviously a concern if seating is not bolted down to the rail or track running along the aircraft floor. However, there is an opportunity to incorporate more flexible seating arrangements by reconfiguring the railing system to allow for certain seats to be moved.

Support for Aircraft Interior Design Changes

When incorporating social distancing measures into new aircraft interior designs, a key consideration is ensuring that all interior elements are carefully coordinated to optimize the passenger experience.

Fabrics, wood, carpeting, and metal pieces should be complementary to enhance the visual appeal and overall aesthetic.

HighTech Finishing integrates into the aircraft interior design process by custom color-matching metal pieces to the aircraft interior design. We provide high-quality decorative metal parts that fit perfectly into the aircraft interior.

Our expert team will deliver high-quality metal parts to the exact specifications of the order. As you work through new design plans in response to this year’s health crisis, we will work with you to complete each order on-time and of the highest quality.

Contact us today for custom metal finishes to complement any interior layout. Reach us toll-free at 800-949-0124 or email

How Business Aviation Can Respond to This Year’s Disruption

Business travelers inside a business jet as part of the business aviation industry by high tech finishing.

In the middle of March, business activity came to a screeching halt. Conferences were postponed or canceled. Business trips were scrapped. Meetings were moved from in-person to online.

The business aviation market certainly felt the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic when business aviation flight activity dropped 46.8% in a single week.

Additionally, for the entire month of March, all flight activity decreased by 31.7% compared to March 2019.

The nature of how business is conducted was materially altered due to stay-at-home, work-at-home orders recommended by national, state, and local officials. This impacted many of our partners and customers in the business aviation industry.

Now that we are in the midst of the transition period and looking ahead to the recovery period, it’s time for companies to think ahead and form their response to the “new normal” of the business aviation industry.

Forming the best response is especially important in anticipation of business jet travelers looking to re-establish habits and patterns for business travel in 2020. Also, many companies and individuals will be preparing to attend conferences that were re-scheduled for later in 2020 or moved to 2021.

Adjust for Changes in Business Aviation Order Cycles

Whether your company is an aircraft manufacturer, completion center, refurbishment center, or designer in the business aviation sector, you will need to account for changes in order cycles.

Business aviation has traditionally been cyclical in nature. And, having been in business since 1984, we have seen our fair share of ups and downs in the industry.

However, most changes take time to be recognized and realized; this change is different because of the sudden and abrupt nature of the disruption directly affecting the business aviation industry.

If looking for a similar event to draw from when assessing changes to order cycles, look back to 2008. During the global economic crisis, many companies scaled back on business travel, affecting the order cycle.

  • What was the impact on your business?
  • Did your company experience a slowdown in orders?
  • Did you actually have a backlog that allowed you to continue normal production?

See if you can find similarities to this year’s disruption and identify next steps to prepare to meet the change to customer orders.

An Additional Consideration for 2020 vs. 2008

As we know, technology continues to advance at a rapid pace. This includes technology that supports the supply chain in business aviation.

We recommend taking steps now to optimize your supply chain so that you can quickly and nimbly respond to changes. Embedding this flexibility into your supply chain will help mobilize your people and resources to fulfill new customer requests.

One way that we can support your supply chain is by integrating the delivery of our high-quality decorative metal parts for business jets and related aircraft.

HighTech Finishing has been named Supplier of the Year by many companies during our history, most recently by Rosen Aviation. One of the keys to our success is our approach to customer service because we view our customers as partners.

During this time of crisis response and attempting to plan for an unknown future, it helps to have a partner in the business aviation industry that can intelligently support your company.

To help meet customer orders and optimize the supply chain, work with us to deliver high-quality, metal-plated parts for the aircraft interior. Our decorative plating process ensures the highest quality production, finish, and delivery of the aviation interior product.

Specific to Rosen, we proudly achieved 100% on-time delivery and 100% quality parts in 2019. During these rapidly-changing market conditions, you need a partner that can deliver quality parts with no defects exactly when needed.

HighTech is here to help companies in the business aviation sector. Contact us today to discuss the delivery of plated interior parts. We can get through this disruption together.

These Custom Aircraft Interiors Are Must-See for VIPs

Oil storage tanks that requires measurement SOPs to support accurate custody transfer by high tech finishing.

To impress aircraft buyers, aircraft interior designers must stay up-to-date on the latest trends in aircraft interior designs.

This includes understanding how to create custom aircraft interior design plans that account for the VIP experience that today’s passengers expect when they step onto the plane.

Consider the latest award-winning designs that can be incorporated into your design plans for business jets, luxury planes, and private aircraft.

What Passengers Expect from the Aircraft Interior

Today’s passengers are seeking a combination of space efficiency, technology connectivity, custom air experiences during the flight, and interior accommodations for their busy schedules and lifestyles.

Sky Designs

The use of a sky design for the aircraft interior creates an immersive experience for your passengers. Having the ability to look up at the ceiling and gaze upon beautiful architecture provides a calming sensation that is perfect for enjoying air travel blissfully. This also means it’s important to design the lighting, stowages, and the sidewalls to blend together aesthetically.

Comfort Hardware

Comfortable seating and bedding in the aircraft are incredibly important to create the highest level of satisfaction for passengers. Customizable seating and bedding is a great option for allowing passengers to decide what will suit their needs.

One of the latest trends involves a triple seat that can be extended into a lounge seat to provide a space that a family can share. This will offer passengers extra legroom and even enough room for a small coffee table.

Wheelchair Accommodation

Aircraft interior designers should keep in mind accommodations for travelers that suffer from a physical disability. Because some aircraft designs are trending toward reducing the size of seating in order to maximize capacity, this can present a challenge for passengers that require a wheelchair to move around.

Consider designing the first row of seating to have the ability to lock in a wheelchair. This will reduce the number of seat transfers that the passengers must complete, while also providing them with a comfortable and dignified flight experience.

Multi-Screen Experience

Equipping each seat with interactive screens is an excellent way to provide passengers with an entertainment option during the flight. These screens can allow passengers to perform a variety of tasks such as working on projects, listening to music, watching movies, and staying connected to their preferred forms of communication.

Line Bridge Technology

The atmosphere of the aircraft interior should be pleasing to the eye and create a sense of ambiance and comfort. A line bridge system introduces the ability to project images on the walls of the cabin to create unique scenery that can be changed to the passenger’s preferences. This system also allows for the adjustment of lighting to create interesting effects.

Coffee Table Cabins

Many passengers find themselves in a constant state of busyness needing to conduct work while in-flight. Consider designing seating that allows for large desks with enough space for laptops and writing space. This is a great way to accommodate the busy lifestyle of passengers.

Collapsible Bedding

Collapsible bedding is a great way to increase the availability of space in the aircraft. The configuration could include triple bunk beds that can be quickly folded into seating for landing and take-off. Include a backrest in each bunk so that passengers can sit upright when they want to read or use electronics.

Space-Efficient Seating

Consider replacing traditional recliners with flatbeds to make the seating arrangement more space-efficient. Angling the flatbeds in a way that maintains the same amount of seats as traditional recliners is ideal to provide passengers with their own area and entertainment space.

Contact HighTech Finishing for Aircraft Interior Design Support

To complete aircraft interior designs, HighTech Finishing offers a dazzling array of high-quality decorative finishes for interior aircraft parts. We offer more than 130 decorative metal finishes and provide custom color-matching to support the latest design trends for business jets, luxury aircraft, and private planes.

Our precise 50-step plating process ensures consistency and beauty when applying the color selection to aircraft interior parts.

To find out more about our capabilities supporting aircraft interior designers, call us at 800-949-0124 or contact us directly to learn more about our decorative aviation plating services.

Why Refurbishment Centers Trust Us With Their Aircraft Interiors

Interior of jet that would be customized through aircraft interior refurbishment center by high tech finishing in houston, texas.

A trend that has become the norm for aircraft refurbishment centers is highly-custom requests from customers for the aircraft interior.

Whether it’s an additional lavatory, a custom meeting room, specific configuration of monitors, or the inclusion of the latest available on-board technology, customer requests are becoming increasingly specific. This requires high-level planning and supplier integration to execute each aircraft interior refurbishment request.

Because of the increasingly specific customization that is required for the aircraft interior, this means the aircraft interior parts such as latches, sink faucets, hinges, air gaspers, and more parts also need to be customized to match.

We proudly work with refurbishment centers to meet this need by providing a superior level of aircraft interior metal plating to enhance the aesthetic, quality, and durability of parts.

How We Integrate with Aircraft Refurbishment Centers

Our approach is to assess each order with a fresh perspective. No two jobs are alike, which means we want to ask as many questions as possible about the customer request to identify the ideal solution for providing metal plating to each critical aircraft interior part.

Once we identify how we can help refurbishment centers meet the customer request, we will integrate with your production schedule and processes to ensure we support the timeline.

We will follow our 50-step quality check procedures to ensure the work is performed right the first time and that we deliver the treated parts on-time. [Read this Customer Success Story.]

How We Deliver Superior Plated Parts

You’ll notice a difference in the finished products because of the extreme attention to detail that comes standard in our comprehensive array of plating solutions.

Our approach is to blend expertise from our team and the latest technology to ensure superior parts.

Several of our unique processes assure outstanding consistency and excellence. For example, to achieve a rich, deep, lustrous look and uniformity for each part, we mechanically polish the base metal of each part to a high sheen — even before we begin the electroplating process.

Then, each part receives a base coating of copper plating, which seals the metal completely. This additional step prevents peeling, corrosion, and galvanic reactions. The result is extending the life of the finished part.

We are proud of our track record in an industry that demands precision and careful attention to order specifications to ensure that aircraft interior parts can be reliably installed in the aircraft interior.

Work with HighTech Finishing

HighTech Finishing is honored to work with refurbishment centers across the globe by providing metal plating for aircraft interior parts. We have optimized our processes to integrate with the most demanding timelines and customer requirements to help refurbishment centers remain on time and on budget.

When looking for a partner to support the aircraft interior parts needs of your latest demanding order, look no further than HighTech. We have worked hard to build relationships with aircraft interior refurbishment centers to satisfy the needs of each order.

To schedule your next job or to start a partnership with HighTech, contact us today. We can be reached through our website, via phone at 713-666-0550 or toll-free at 800-949-0124, or via email at

Our Latest Initiative to Serve Aviation Interior Plating Customers

William Gonzalez is our new technical field representative serving aviation interior plating customers by high tech finishing in houston texas.

HighTech Finishing has always considered our aviation interior plating customers as a partner, and we pride ourselves in a superior level of customer support. We believe that our job is not finished when we deliver a product; we are also focused on complete satisfaction after the work is completed.

To that end, we are proud to introduce William Gonzalez as our new Technical Field Representative. In this role, William will be responsible for personally visiting customer locations to “check in” on satisfaction levels with plated parts and resolve any issues on the spot.

No other plating company in the industry has invested in a dedicated support representative to perform this service visiting clients on-site to review operational aspects.

Introducing Our Technical Field Representative

William Gonzalez joined HighTech in the accounting department. After multi-year experience in accounting, William took on the challenge of training for the technical field rep role.

William completed a six-month training program on our plating line, equipping him to address each technical need for customers. His combination of knowledge in accounting, shipping, receiving, and production functions makes him well-suited for the role.

In this new role, William will be visiting customers who have recently received completed orders from HighTech. He will be meeting with customers face-to-face to discuss the operational aspects of the customer order such as performance, billing, paperwork, support, expectations, and any other variables in the aviation interior plating process.

“We believe this new customer support initiative enhances the already superb satisfaction and experience customers find when selecting HighTech,” says Rick Niefield, vice president sales and marketing. “The initiative signals to the industry that we are committed to being the best supplier of decorative plating to the aviation industry.”

– For current customers, we will be in contact with you to schedule in-person meetings where William can visit your company and discuss your most recent order(s).

– For companies looking to do business with HighTech, we would appreciate the opportunity to start a new customer relationship. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our team to discuss your aviation interior plating needs.

Recognition from Rosen Aviation: 2019 Supplier Quality Award

HighTech Finishing team receives supplier award from Rosen Aviation

Meeting the expectations of our customers is the starting point for our company. Exceeding customer expectations is what separates HighTech Finishing in the aviation interior plating market.

To that end, we are honored to be recognized by Rosen Aviation with the 2019 Supplier Quality Award.

Rosen uses advanced technology, design, and performance to provide in-cabin display systems to the aviation industry. The award was given to our company in recognition of 100 percent quality parts and 100 percent on-time delivery every month in 2019.

We are particularly proud of this recognition because of the hard work and dedication of the entire HighTech Finishing team.

Throughout 2019, our company was committed to rigorous planning and strong internal coordination between all departments to achieve excellent results for our customer. The results speak for themselves.

Our Quality Scorecard for Rosen Aviation

Each month presented a unique challenge in 2019. Our team stayed ready, followed our coordination plan, and adhered to our company’s unmatched process for quality to provide outstanding support for Rosen Aviation.

  • In total for the year, we delivered 174 parts to Rosen with no defects and no delays.
  • We averaged 14.5 parts delivered per month.
  • During Fourth Quarter peak activity, we averaged 22 parts delivered per month — all with 100 percent quality completion.

“We would like to recognize HighTech Finishing for the outstanding quality performance in 2019,” says Nathan Beecher, Quality Manager, CQE, of Rosen Aviation.

“As the scorecard indicates, HighTech delivered 100 percent on-time quality parts to Rosen Aviation in the 12-month rolling period of 2019. This reflects an outstanding commitment and diligence to manufacturing a quality product, on-time, every time.”

“We work very hard to provide customers with on-time deliveries,” says Rick Niefield, HighTech’s vice president sales and marketing, “and it’s great when the team and their leaders are recognized for their efforts.”

Consider HighTech Finishing for Aircraft Interior Plating

The 2019 Supplier Quality Award fittingly ties into a milestone year for our company. We celebrated 35 years of providing decorative aviation plating services to leading companies in the aviation industry. And, our longevity can be attributed to our commitment to quality for each customer.

The HighTech Finishing team follows a comprehensive, ISO-driven 50-step plating process to ensure the highest quality production, finish, and delivery for each customer’s aircraft interiors. We appreciate Rosen Aviation for taking the time to recognize our quality service.

– To find out more about our aviation interior plating service, contact us today. We would appreciate the opportunity to serve your aviation interior needs.

Statement on COVID-19

covid 19 response clean facility high tech finishing houston texas


In the uncertain times we’re currently experiencing with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to advise you that HighTech will continue supporting customers with as little disruption as possible. As of this date, we remain fully operational and our focus, as always, remains on going the extra mile to provide a superior plating product delivered on time.

However, we are closely monitoring the Coronavirus and following current guidance from leading government and health authorities to ensure we are taking prudent actions to protect our customers, our suppliers and, most important, our employees, their families and the surrounding community. These sources include:

Please also know that we continue to maintain our usual high standards for safety and cleanliness. In addition to practicing preventive measures to reduce the spread of germs within our facilities, all of our parts go through a rigorous, multi-step cleaning process. We remain vigilant in upholding these practices and will take additional precautions as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) and other government resources.

We continue to monitor this evolving situation and will keep you informed of future updates.

Be Safe and thank you for your continued business.

5 Compelling Reasons to Try Our Aircraft Interior Metal Finishing Service

aircraft interior plating high tech finishing houston texas

Business jet owners and business aviation manufacturers recognize the importance of attaining superior aircraft interior parts. The ideal method to support this objective is utilizing an aircraft interior metal finishing process.

Using this process, new aircraft interior parts can be treated to improve the aesthetic of the aircraft interior. Or, worn parts can be retreated, restoring a part to its original condition to avoid costly replacement.

When seeking a solution to accentuate or restore aircraft interior parts, consider these powerful reasons to use a metal finishing process.

An Advanced Process Delivers Exceptional Results

HighTech Finishing follows a proven metal plating process that produces the highest-quality aircraft interior parts.

1. Technologically Advanced Equipment

Advanced equipment, methods, and the right tools are necessary to deliver a superior aircraft interior part.

At our in-house shop, we utilize technologically-advanced equipment to deliver the best results for each part. Our sophisticated system includes specialized procedures to ensure an excellent finish each time.

– Plating bath chemistry. This process uses electric currents to ultimately create a metal coating. It is used to change a part’s surface property, and can be used to thicken parts. The chemical composition, temperature, and pH in the bath determines the plating’s quality. For optimal performance, you need the right equipment and careful control of the bath.

– Equipment calibration. Over time, measuring devices lose accuracy; usually due to every-day wear and tear. We don’t leave this chance. We regularly perform equipment calibration to ensure accurate application of metal coating and the highest-quality final product.

– Temperature control devices. The right temperature is critical for carrying out metal finishing. When working with metal, the part can be sensitive to temperature, causing reactions and undesired results. We carefully monitor equipment temperature to ensure a consistent environment when treating each part.

2. Consistency and Excellence

Each employee in our shop is expertly trained on the metal finishing process. And, because our company is 100 percent dedicated to supporting the business aviation industry, we know the unique needs of our customers. The combination of expertise and long-standing relationships allows us to provide the best service, every time.

Additionally, our metal finishing process is backed by our ISO9001/AS9100 certification. ISO9001 is the international standard for quality management systems and AS9100 is the more stringent Aerospace standard. Organizations are only recognized with this certification after proving their ability to meet intense requirements.

We are proud to hold this certification, which is renewed every three years, as an endorsement of our commitment to excellent quality and production capabilities for metal finishing.

3. Complete Metal Sealing

Each metal finishing part receives a base coating of copper plating. During this step, we create an even base before other additional coats are made, which is important because it helps seal the metal completely.

Why do we use copper? Copper has many benefits. It is highly conductive, malleable, provides resistance to corrosion, and is readily available.

Copper is also valuable in the metal finishing process because it helps with adhesion, sealing the metal completely. If the metal is not completely sealed, it could lead to problems down the line.

4. Extend Life of Parts

Different types of metals have weaknesses, but they can be strengthened and improved to make them last longer. The ideal method to maximize a part’s utility is through metal finishing.

Metal finishing involves several steps; not just adding a metal coat. It involves other steps such as striping, cleaning, and polishing to extend life. Consider the following benefits of a new surface coating:

  • Increased strength and hardness
  • Improved lubricity
  • Better conductivity
  • Increased resistance to corrosion and chemicals
  • Greater resistance to wear and tear
  • Reduced effects of friction
  • Better adhesion for paint
  • Prevents galvanic reactions

5. Comprehensive 50-Step Process

Our entire aircraft interior metal finishing approach is supported by an intricately-detailed quality control process. Our 50-step process ensures the highest-quality finished product each time.

Included in the process are 13 cleaning and polishing steps such as grease, stitch, sisal, and color polishing. For quality control, our team performs 17 quality checks. Each checkpoint requires careful inspection and examination of the part.

Each step in the process is meticulously followed by our expert team. The final result is a complete aircraft interior part that has been expertly handled with precision and care.

Trust HighTech Finishing for Superior Aircraft Interior Parts

HighTech Finishing (HTF) offers the highest-quality aircraft interior metal finishing services. We can meet the needs of new parts, as well as small, medium, and large refurbishments.

We are proud of our innovative and decorative metal plating process to meet the latest needs of the business aviation community.

Inquire today about utilizing our aircraft interior metal finishing service to enhance the visual appeal of your business aircraft.

Consider Custom Matching For Beautifully Plated Parts

custom color matching high tech finishing houston texas

If you consider your private plane, business jet, or aircraft fleet as an investment, you want to do everything in your power to maximize the return on your investment.

One way to increase the value of your assets is to custom match plated interior parts to other design elements of the aircraft interior.

Matching interior hardware such as cup holders, seatbelts, and latches to accent your plane’s carpet, flooring, leather, and fabric is critical for increasing the value of the aircraft. An additional benefit is creating a desirable luxurious aesthetic that will no doubt “wow” your all-important passengers.

How to Match Parts With These Four Interior Aspects

Consider these tips for choosing the right metal finishes to go with the other materials in your aircraft interior.

1. Flooring

Hardwood flooring is becoming increasingly popular in modern, luxurious aircraft. However, because flooring takes up a significant amount of real estate inside the plane, it’s good for the floor colors to have a soft tone. This way, the floor does not overwhelm the visual look and feel of the remainder of the interior.

The metals used in the aircraft interior parts should be similar in color to the floor, except bolder. For example, if a floor is a dark red oak, the plating should be similar to our HT509 Brass – Dark Aged Walnut or HT157 Champagne Gold – Satin brushed. This creates a complementary look and feel in both color and texture.

2. Carpet

Carpeting is still a great choice to create a luxurious look and feel in today’s aircrafts. Just be mindful of your color selection to match the aircraft interior parts.

A neutral carpet color such as grey, beige, or light brown creates flexibility when choosing colors for the metal pieces in the aircraft interior. For example, HT199 Chrome Pearllite table shrouds are a spectacular choice to complement lighter carpeting for an “airy” feel.

3. Leather

Nothing says luxury quite like leather interiors. Getting the colors right can create a highly-desirable look and feel.

However, it takes a keen eye to correctly match metal parts such as seat belts and cupholders to their accompanying leather sofas and chairs. Oftentimes, a complementary look and feel requires different colors that are distinct from each other.

For example, a black sofa should be accompanied by a contrasting seat belt buckle plated in HT901 Platinum – Polished or HT602 Chrome – Satin Brushed. This creates a highly-appealing visual that conveys a first-class operation.

4. Fabrics

There are many different types of fabrics to select from. You want to select a premium fabric that complements the other aircraft interior aspects, as well as the aircraft interior parts.

When custom color matching fabrics to the interior parts, you should choose colors that contrast the fabrics. You want to choose a metal color that is different enough to stand out when compared against the fabric, but similar enough so as not to be distracting. It requires a delicate balance and keen eye to find the ideal balance to capture the optimal look and feel.

Choose HighTech Finishing for Custom Color Matching

We offer more than 130 color finishes to apply to interior metal parts. However, we do not stop with our selection. We are continually developing new finishes and we can custom color match to your specifications.

Using our color matching capabilities, we can readily match colors from paint swatches, fabrics, woods, competitor samples, or any other material found in aircraft interiors.

Once we discuss the ideal color selection for your job, we follow a 50-step decorative plating process to ensure the highest quality production, finish, and delivery of your aircraft interior products.

With care and precision, we ensure that each piece is produced to exact specifications every time. To ensure longevity, we follow a triple plating/enamel clear coating process to prevent corrosion and ensure that every part meets stringent quality standards, every time.

We recognize that your aircraft, private plane, or fleet is a serious investment. And when you’ve invested considerable resources into your assets, you want to increase the value. That’s why we recommend our expert approach to custom color matching your aircraft interior parts to other aspects of the aircraft interior to ensure a beautiful, durable finish.

Inquire today about enhancing your aircraft interior parts to maximize your investment and create a modern, luxurious feel to your aircraft interior. We’ll even send you a brochure of our color selections to view the possibilities.

Why Choose Decorative Electroplating For Your Aircraft?

decorative electro platinghigh tech finishing houston texas

There are many types of electroplating processes, including commercial grade, high volume, industrial, and medical. However, only HighTech Finishing specializes in the unique field of decorative electroplating for aircraft interiors.

When selecting an interior design for your private aircraft or business jet, even the smallest detail is important. Upholstery, color scheme, even carpeting requires careful attention to align with your unique tastes. But what about details even smaller than that?

The interior parts such as fasteners, cupholders, and charge ports should also match the unique design selected for the aircraft. That’s where decorative electroplating comes into play to ensure a custom match.

At HighTech Finishing, we can add a touch of your own personal style to every metal part in the aircraft interior. With over 130 different finishes to select from, you are bound to find the perfect color match for the interior of the aircraft.

What is Decorative Electroplating?

Decorative electroplating is the process used to add a new metal finish on top of already existing metal and plastic parts.

Electroplating uses electricity to apply a thin metal coating to a metal substrate. The result? A smooth metal finish on any interior aircraft part in the exact shade of your choosing.

No wonder decorative electroplating is the most common application found in today’s electroplating market.

Why Decorative Electroplating?

Consider three primary reasons why you should choose decorative plating to enhance the quality of the interior parts used in your aircraft.

1. Increased Durability

Electroplating is very durable. The thickness of electroplating typically falls in the 0.005 to 0.010 mil range, and is usually made up of steel, aluminum, and copper and zinc alloys.

Our finishes are guaranteed to not only look good, but last long as well. If you’re jet-setting around the world, our electroplated parts will last through every takeoff, touch down, and everything in between.

Additionally, when we apply your selected finish, each piece is carefully inspected, polished, and cleaned. HighTech Finishing guarantees that our work is built to last.

2. High Quality Work

Our 50-step decorative plating process includes 17 quality assurance checks performed by our skilled staff.

No matter what color you select, each finish from HighTech Finishing is smooth, blemish-free, and has a consistent thickness.

3. Elevate Your Style

Style is all about the details, and chrome plating is a great way to add a sophisticated touch to any aircraft interior.

With the HighTech Finishing electroplating process, you can elevate your aircraft’s interior design by giving the metal in your interior a complementary finish — delivered consistently each time.

Schedule Decorative Plating Service

Whether you desire our luxurious HT101 – 24K Polished Gold or a modern HT904 – Platinum Pearllite finish to match your aircraft’s style, HighTech Finishing is well-equipped to perform the decorative electroplating process for your aircraft interior parts.

With over 30 years of experience in the electroplating industry, HighTech Finishing blends art and science to bring you the most dazzling and durable finishes for your aircraft project.

We encourage you to review our decorative plating process and contact us to discuss how we can custom match the parts to your aircraft interior style. We are confident that you will be thrilled with the finished product.