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3 Experimental Aircraft Interiors Worth Considering

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As a business jet or luxury aircraft owner, you may have an idea in your head of how you would like to change the look and feel of the aircraft interior. But, you don’t want to waste time or money experimenting with aircraft interior ideas that don’t pan out.

We’re here to help you think through some experimental aircraft interior designs to formulate the right course of action. Then, we can work together on the next level of custom color-matching aircraft interior parts to your preferred interior design.

First, let’s review the latest aircraft interior design trends that are making waves heading into 2020 that you may want to consider.

A Colorful Solution for Interior Aircraft Design

There is a new wave of designs that have been featured at aircraft interior expos all around the world. These styles provide a great jumping-off point for any design novice, and can easily be tailored to fit your own tastes or the expected tastes of your passengers.

Sunset Color Palette

Aircraft interiors can often feel cold and corporate. If you’re looking for an interior with a little more warmth, try out a “sunset” design.

Combine cream with rosy reds or pale oranges and hints of rose gold for a relaxed feeling. Light woods like birch and dark woods like cherry alike can complement this palette.

Another take on this design is the more regal route: replace the rose with a burgundy and amp up the gold fixtures for an interior fit for a king. Throw quilted seats into the mix, and you have a palace in the sky for passengers.

sunset color palette high tech finishing houston texas

Retro Color Palette

The retro design features modern fixtures with retro finishes. Start with a mod carpet design and build from there! Take a page from the ‘70s and focus on warm colors: red, yellow, orange, and brown.

Or, leave the carpet plain and have a classic stripe design painted onto the walls. Your luxury aircraft will be sure to stand out on the runway when you pop open the passenger door!

Prefer to leave the era of shag carpets and bellbottoms behind? Try a baby blue and chrome combination. You don’t have to go as far as incorporating checkerboard patterns, although checkered pillows could add a cheeky touch.


retro color palette high tech finishing houston texas

Chic Color Palette

Maybe the previous designs were too bold for your tastes. You prefer a simple, clean, modern look. Luckily for you, it’s easy to create a chic design with a monochrome palette and a pop of color.

Throw in a pattern for the walls or floor to add visual interest. Dark floors with white walls creates depth and keeps the monochromatic colors from getting too overwhelming. With modern furnishings, a simplistic design can make any interior feel chic.

Try using black upholstery with silver details on modern seating. And remember, you don’t have to use red as your pop of color: try green for a new take!


chic color palette high tech finishing houston texas


Custom Color Matching for Your Aircraft Interior Design

Here’s where HighTech Finishing comes into the picture. We can help you elevate your interior design choice by color-matching the aircraft interior parts to the new interior design. With 130+ colors to select from, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect match.

There are a bevy of color finishes to compliment any of the three design ideas listed above. For example, our Sangria Gold Frosted would perfectly compliment the warmth of the “Sunset” design, whereas for “Chic,” the Matte Black finish would heighten the modern mood.

No matter your preferred style, we can help polish off the final look of the aircraft interior. We follow a strict 50-step process to ensure that every interior metal piece in your aircraft has the perfect color and finish to the specifications.

From retro to modern, colorful to monochrome, HighTech Finishing will make sure every last detail is perfect. Contact us today to inquire about applying these experimental aircraft interior design ideas to your aircraft or luxury jet.

Introducing Our New Aircraft Interior Colors

pitch black stardust high tech finishing houston texas

Styles change. Tastes expand. New preferences are introduced. The color selection for aircraft interior parts is not a static portrait. Rather, colors constantly need to be reviewed and updated to continue delivering a luxurious experience for passengers.

Muted grays and tans have been the safe, convenient, and expected solution for aircraft interior finishes for decades. And for good reason! Neutral colors stand the test of time and are easily matchable to the rest of the interior decor.

But designers are increasingly looking to embrace the “bolder side” of interior colors to provide more options for their clientele. We carry a similar mentality.

The Expanded Pitch Black Family Color Selection

We took feedback from customers, assessed the latest design trends, and created two new aircraft interior colors for our Pitch Black Family.

Introducing Pitch Black Stardust

One particular operator came to our company with an idea to capitalize on a design trend he had in mind. The customer wanted to stand out from the pack with a unique interior color that was different than his competition.HT310749 Pitch Black Stardust REVISED

After much research and deliberation, we suggested a new, intentionally whimsical color idea. We liked the new color so much that we permanently added it to our array of color options. We call this new color Pitch Black Stardust.

Pitch Black Stardust is a base of black with multi-color sparkles that catch the light. When applied to interior parts, the color creates a dazzling display that immediately engages passengers.

Introducing Pitch Black Soft Velvet

Pitch Black Soft Velvet

For operators desiring a less dazzling solution to capitalize on the latest design trends, we also introduced Pitch Black Soft Velvet.

This color was crafted to fill a void in the market for a dark finish that is free from reflection. It makes a bold statement in a unique, subtle way.

We are pleased to welcome this new aircraft interior color to our existing Pitch Black family that also includes the likes of Pitch Black Polished Bright, Matte Black, and Black Pearl Frosted.

Consider Our Aircraft Interior Color Solution

Utilizing information from international designers on the latest colors and textures, we proudly introduced two new colors to expand our customer’s available palette beyond grays and tans.

We believe this forward-thinking approach helps advance the industry toward embracing trends and options that may not fit the traditional mold.

To take advantage of our expanded aircraft interior color selection, contact us today. We would appreciate the opportunity to send you a sample of the new Pitch Black colors to envision the application to your aircraft interior.

Email Call toll-free 1-800-949-0124. Complete our contact form.

[View More Than 130+ Colors in Our Selection]

EBACE 2019: A Valuable Time of Connection and Innovation

ebace high tech finishing houston texas

For the 13th year in a row, HighTech Finishing attended the EBACE (European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition) conference. This year’s conference was held May 21-23, 2019, in Geneva, Switzerland.

The EBACE conference represents a valuable opportunity for our company to connect with our European-based customers. The show also draws many of our valued U.S.-based customers such as Gulfstream Aerospace, Textron, and others, but we specifically focus on the European market at EBACE.

“Exhibiting at EBACE allows us to showcase our services and build deeper connections in a face-to-face setting,” says Rick Niefield, VP of Sales and Marketing. “This year, we visited with current customers, developed new potential customers, and increased awareness of our capabilities to all those that stopped by our booth.”

Rick Niefield was joined by account manager Naomi Lockhart at EBACE 2019. In addition to enjoying in-person conversations with customers, our team walked away from EBACE with a deeper understanding of the current climate of the business aviation industry.

EBACE Represents Opportunity to Grow Capabilities

During this year’s conference, we gathered a considerable amount of information about the latest technology, innovation, and sustainability efforts that are powering the industry on a global scale. We also learned about the pressing issues facing aircraft manufacturers.

We see our company as a key piece of the puzzle providing high-quality, interior aircraft plating services to our business aviation customers.

By utilizing our services, aircraft manufacturers can achieve their desired aircraft interior look and feel in accordance with cost and timeline requirements. This creates more opportunities for manufacturers to tap into the latest technology and innovation available to them.

To inquire about utilizing our service capabilities or to further connect with our team following the EBACE 2019 conference, contact us today.

3 Types of Plating Options You May Not Know About

plating options high tech finishing metalwork metal finishing houston texas

One of the benefits of owning a luxury aircraft is the ability to command the best in luxury interior part design. Because luxury is uncompromising and unique, the path to maintain a luxurious experience for passengers is having multiple options to enhance the interior look.

Options Are the Lifeblood of Interior Plating

Options allow customers to visualize, carefully select, and implement the ideal interior parts for their aircraft. Because there are many types of plating options, customers have the ability to create a unique look that matches the desired luxurious experience for passengers. The key is understanding the options available to support your vision.

Option 1: Select an Interior Plating Color

Color and texture trends change over time. Fortunately, you do not have to settle for a “safe” or “common” look when selecting interior part finishes.

We offer more than 130 vibrant interior plating colors, creating multiple options for customers to find the ideal finish that supports their vision. Also, we constantly listen to our customers and follow the latest trends to introduce new colors to our interior plate selection.

Option 2: Custom Color Matching for Interior Finishes

As the owner of a luxury aircraft, you have earned the right to create a custom finish. We offer the option to color match colors from paint swatches, fabrics, woods, competitor samples, or any other material found in aircraft interiors.

To achieve this deliverable for customers, we follow a precise process to ensure consistent color matching for each order. We are capable of replicating the process for each part, we ensure a corrosion-resistant metal seal, and we utilize a specialty polishing treatment for delicate parts.

Option 3: Plating for Large or Uncommon Parts

Not every interior part comes in a standard size with clean dimensions. Luxury often requires specialized treatment for curved, jagged, or large parts.

Our team is fully equipped to handle special parts that require an expert touch to thoroughly coat the entire part for a clean finish. Take advantage of this option to achieve the look you desire for unique interior parts.

Contact HighTech Finishing to Capitalize on Your Plating Options

Consider working with our company to bring your interior aircraft vision to life. We will walk through your plating options, evaluate the experience you want to create for passengers, and create a custom order.

To inquire about utilizing our interior plating service for your next order, contact our company today. We look forward to helping you select the right options to elevate your luxury aircraft interior.

Aircraft Interior Design is All About the Finishing Touches

aircraft interior design high tech finishing houston texas

When it comes to aircraft interior design, the final product is all that matters. The process of arriving at the highest quality final product requires a finishing touch.

  • Does the part meet the customer specifications?
  • Is the part verified for quality before shipment?
  • Will the interior part be handled with care to ensure intact arrival?

HighTech Finishing proudly follows a 50-step decorative plating process to deliver beautifully-crafted aircraft interior products for customers. Consider the care we take to complete each customer order.

Match Finished Product to Customer Specifications

Each customer order is a unique entity. Therefore, we treat each order with a unique approach of performing several quality assurance checks prior to advancing the part to shipment.

  • We perform a Q.A. visual inspection following the clear coat painting of the part.
  • We perform a second Q.A. visual inspection following the baking or curing process.
  • We perform a third Q.A. visual inspection after the final assembly of the parts.

Our highly-trained craftsmen thoroughly review the customer order against the finished product to ensure each detail is considered, each curve is measured, and each color is brilliant.

Part is Verified for Quality and Substance

A visual inspection is just one of the finishing touches we pride ourselves on. Our team also ensures the integrity, durability, and substance of the part.

Parts that have been placed through our interior plating process are built to last. We will not allow a part to leave our shop unless we believe it meets our standard of product excellence for each customer.

Because of our longevity in the industry, our team can instantly recognize a substantial part from an unacceptable part. The mark of an aircraft interior design expert is their ability to make this distinction before the part ever reaches its final destination.

Proper Packaging Ensures Proper Installation

The final step in our 50-step plating process is shipping the part to the customer. While this may seem like a small step, it is arguably the most important. At least, that’s how we treat this step.

Each completed part that passes our high standard for quality is given royal treatment for shipment. Our team takes their team ensuring that each part is properly packaged, protected, and cared for.

Our goal is for the part to arrive at the customer’s location in the exact same shape and of the exact same quality as it left our facility. That means no scratches, dings, or defects will be accepted by our company.

This is the standard we have set. This is the confidence we create for customers knowing they will receive the interior parts to their desired specifications and in the ideal condition to ensure proper installation inside the aircraft.

Contact HighTech Finishing to Inquire

Aircraft interior design is of utmost importance to our company. We are proud of our process — including our commitment to taking our time with the finishing touches — to ensure completeness and thoroughness for each customer order.

To inquire about utilizing our interior plating service for your next aircraft interior parts order, contact our company today. We look forward to applying the finishing touch to your next order.

How to Select the Best Metal Finishing Options


One of the most important choices for creating a luxurious environment for passengers on your aircraft is the metal finish of parts. The color, texture, and finish sends a message to your guests about the experience you are creating for them.

HighTech Finishing boasts more than 130 decorative metal finishes to select from. Each option comes from one of our 10 families of metal finishes. The key is understanding how to make the right selection that fits the unique interior of your aircraft.

Weigh the Differences in Metal Finishing Colors

This is your opportunity to think big and broad about the use of color to create the optimal experience for your passengers.

  • Consider warm metal colors from the Gold, Copper, Bronze, and Brass families.
  • Compare to monochrome colors from the Silver, Chrome, Nickel, Black, White Gold, and Platinum families.

Each of these categories sends a unique message to your passengers. The color families also engage each passenger’s senses and emotions differently.

Consider the Use of Your Aircraft When Selecting Metal Finishes

Before making a selection of the best metal finish, each aircraft should be evaluated for its expected usage.

  • Shorter flights: consider a warm, bright color that engages your passengers throughout the duration of the flight.
  • Longer flights: consider a muted, soft color that eases your passengers into peaceful rest.
  • Mixed use: consider a neutral color that can awaken the senses or provide a relaxing atmosphere.

Draw from Experience or Additional Metal Finish Resources

You have considered the color options. You have evaluated the expected flight use. Now, use your own experience or resources to determine the best metal finishing for your aircraft interior.

Think about your personal aircraft experiences. What colors created the ideal atmosphere and experience? What finishes awoke your senses? Take some time to reflect on these experiences.

Alternatively, you may have seen a color in a magazine, flyer, or brochure that caught your attention. You may have even have a color sample on-hand. Fortunately, you have options to bring these colors to life in your aircraft.

Contact HighTech Finishing

In addition to offering 130+ metal finishing options, our company uses a color matching system to match colors from paint swatches, fabrics, woods, competitor samples, or any other material. The result is the ideal metal finish for the interior parts of your luxury aircraft.

Work with our capable support team to elevate the experience for your passengers. Contact us today to walk through the process of selecting the best metal finish.

HighTech Finishing Announces Green Initiative

HTF Green Blog

HighTech Finishing is proud to announce a new green initiative at our production center in Houston, Texas.

Our company has received a permit from the City of Houston that specifically allows our facility to discharge treated water directly into the city’s waste treatment system.

The “Source Reduction / Waste Minimization Plan” is the result of our company investing in an in-house water treatment system. Our system uses specific chemicals and filtration processes to remove contaminants that could otherwise enter the city’s water system.

Testing is performed multiple times per day at our in-house laboratory to ensure that effluent is within permitted limits established by the City of Houston Industrial Wastewater Division.

Why Did HighTech Finishing Pursue a Green Initiative?

Our company cares about the environment that surrounds our production center. We are sensitive to the effects on our community from operating a metal finishing and electroplating business for luxury aviation parts.

The green initiative is an extension of the environmental commitment our company has already made. Our environmental efforts include recycling of waste materials, reclamation of metals, and advanced water and air filtration systems.

“We owe it to our employees, the surrounding community, and the business aviation industry to ensure that we are making positive contributions to the environment,” says Vice President, Rick Niefield.

The Green Initiative Will Continue to Be Our Priority

To support the Source Reduction / Waste Minimization Plan, we have trained our employees on how to follow the established policies and procedures. This will allow us to continue adhering to the City of Houston’s standards.

We also have additional environmental goals registered with the TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality).

A “Waste Reduction Plan” is submitted every five years and progress is measured on an annual basis. The results are then submitted to the TCEQ Board for review.

HighTech Finishing looks forward to following through on our commitment to operating in a safe and environmentally-conscious manner. We believe this is the best approach to continue delivering the highest quality aviation parts to our clients.

The Metal Plating Process: 50 Steps to Success


Sharp curves. Glistening metal. Vibrant colors. Sleek finishes. Each guest who steps onto your luxury jet should be overwhelmed by the pristine composition of the interior elements.

To arrive at the ideal condition, your parts need to be supported by capable hands, industry-leading machinery, and a proven metal plating process that produces the highest quality products.

50 Steps to a Noticeably Beautiful Metal Plated Product

HighTech Finishing has refined a 50-step metal plating process to ensure first-class treatment and delivery of interior metal for your aircraft.

  • 13 cleaning and polishing steps
  • 17 Quality Control checkpoints (our signature Q.A. process)
  • 20 additional steps to enhance each part and material quality

We start by receiving parts. Next, we evaluate the quality of the parts through a visual inspection. After cleaning and stripping the parts, we perform several polish steps to prepare for a brilliant finish. Our team then prepares the part for metal plating.

Once the metal plating steps are complete using our high-tech machinery, we hand-paint each part to specifications. After baking or curing the paint, we assemble the parts and prepare the elements for shipment to the customer.

Throughout the process, we perform quality assurance checks. Our expert team is highly-trained to identify the slightest imperfection. We will repeat steps if necessary to ensure an outstanding product before final delivery.

Trust HighTech Finishing for Metal Plating

HighTech Finishing has led the decorative aviation plating service for more than 30 years. We will continue to lead the industry through our use of advanced technology and process improvements.

Our expertise in the metal plating process allows us to quickly turn around your order without re-work. The result for your company is the opportunity to showcase the finest luxury jet interior for your valued guests.

To our valued customers: contact us today to discuss your next metal plating project. For first-time customers, contact us today to inquire about the full capabilities of our metal plating service.

Advanced Disassembly / Reassembly Services

Switch pane 2l

HighTech expands its Disassembly / Reassembly (D/A) services  to expedite customer deliveries.

Many of the parts HighTech Finishing receives from customers require disassembly prior to processing.  Once processed, reassembly is required before being returned to the customer.

HighTech has been performing the D/A service on parts for many years on items such as latches, hinges, gaspers and other assemblies typically found in an aircraft interior. Over the years, electrical components have become more prevalent and the process of plating these pieces was less than efficient.  Parts would have to be removed by the customer then sent to the switch manufacturer for disassembly.  The switch manufacturer would then send the bezel to us for plating.  After plating was completed, we would send the bezel back to the manufacturer who would then reassemble the switch and send back to the customer.  The resulting days  of wasted down time added an undue burden of potential delays and cost to the customer  Now, however, HighTech has expanded the D/A services to include many electrical components not previously available.

“We are always seeking ways to enhance our customer experience,” says Rick Niefield, VP sales and marketing.  “And the ability to offer D/A capability in-house on a wider range of additional parts is one of the many reasons  why we are so highly rated in customer satisfaction.”

Contact us for more information

 Contact Us today at 800-949-0124 or complete our Contact Form for more information or to start your interior project.

European Presence at EBACE


HighTech Finishing recently attended and displayed at the 2018 EBACE European Business Aviation Convention in Geneva, Switzerland.

HTF showed its current product offerings as well as introduced new decorative finishes aimed exclusively for the aviation market.

EBACE is the premier trade show focusing on the European and Middle Eastern aircraft operations. The show brings  together thousands of key personnel from a wide spectrum of aviation manufacturers and suppliers, from all over the globe. It’s a key show for HighTechs’ international buyers and sellers to get together in one place.

For our purposes, we connect with designers and purchasers seeking a unique look, shorter lead times, or high-quality product for their own customer. Being at the show and displaying a variety of samples allows us to meet with prospective and current customers as well as build relationships with a wide variety of suppliers.

Visitors to our booth were attracted to the beautiful variety of finishes to select from and also see, first-hand, the exceptional level of detail and quality that goes into our plating process.

We’re Ready to Work With You!

One of the best parts of attending this aviation trade show is establishing dialogue with attendees. This allows us to work together to decide the best course of action to satisfy their needs and their end customer, the aircraft owner.

Those relationships are special to our business. Because HighTech Finishing has attended the EBACE conference since 2002, it is rewarding to be able to connect with a wide range of familiar customers and suppliers each year.

We would appreciate the opportunity to connect with you. Ready to get started on your next HighTech Finishing order? Contact Us today by phone at 800-949-0124 or complete our Contact Form to take advantage of our elevated brilliance delivering the highest-quality products to our customers.