Take a peek inside the latest private jet interior design trends to help owners win at business

Win At Business: Private Jet Interior Design Tips for Elite Owners

For owners of private aircraft and business jets, the importance of luxury style and appeal cannot be overlooked, especially if your goal is to create a welcoming business environment to entertain clients. Not only are luxurious aircraft interiors capable of elevating a space aesthetically, but these beautifully designed interiors can also be extraordinarily fluid and… Read more »

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Amanda Gilley Taylor has been hired as HighTech Finishing National Sales Manager supporting the customer buying experience of aviation interior plating for aircraft interior parts

Introducing Our New National Sales Manager Amanda Gilley Taylor

We are eager to announce the hiring of aviation leader Amanda Gilley Taylor to the position of National Sales Manager. Amanda is joining HighTech Finishing after an extensive career as a customer sales executive for companies that deliver products for the aircraft interior. In her new role for HighTech, Amanda will be responsible for refocusing… Read more »

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HighTech Finishing is attending the 2021 NBAA-BACE Convention, October 12-14 in Las Vegas.

Join Us in Las Vegas For the 2021 NBAA-BACE Conference

HighTech Finishing is eagerly anticipating the 2021 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) scheduled for October 12-14 in Las Vegas. After last year’s NBAA-BACE conference was canceled due to the pandemic, our team is looking forward to meeting in-person with business jet owners, aircraft interior designers, and other customers to discuss the latest developments… Read more »

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Aircraft interior part treated by HighTech Finishing using gold color plating

Utilize Our Spectacular Gold Color Plating Options

Since ancient times, the precious gold metal has been considered a symbol of strength, wealth, and dignity. Not only is gold beautiful in its luster, but it brings a warm richness to any space or object that — when done correctly — doesn’t feel over the top, but rather the mark of elegance. In recent… Read more »

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HighTech Finishing employee provides aircraft interior plating services at our facility in Houston, Texas, USA

Employee Spotlight: Investing In Our Plating Team Leads to Customer Success

HighTech Finishing is committed to creating customer value for our aviation clients by going beyond the conventional customer-supplier relationship. One of the primary ways we achieve this objective for our clients is by proactively building up our employees. We continually reinvest in our employees and empower them to do what’s best for our customers. William… Read more »

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HighTech Finishing offers 130+ brilliant decorative finishes to apply to aircraft interior parts

Which Brilliant Finish Do You Prefer for Aircraft Interior Parts?

Brilliant ideas. Lucrative mergers. Life-long memories. Pivotal moments in business and life do not always transpire in the board room or on the golf course. Sometimes, the actual journey aboard your business aircraft is where these significant moments happen, rather than the destination. Shouldn’t the journey help curate and foster such occasions? We are a… Read more »

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Aircraft interior of private jet including aircraft seat fabric and metal parts

Luxury Design Tip: Matching Plated Parts to Aircraft Fabrics

Every aspect of the aircraft interior for a private plane or business jet can be viewed as an opportunity to utilize color to create a cohesive look and feel. For aircraft interior designers, there is a unique opportunity to create a distinguished look by matching the color of aircraft seat fabric to the metal interior… Read more »

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HighTech Finishing provides black pearl + 24K gold combinations for aircraft interior parts

24K Gold + Black Pearl = Retro Look Options for Aircraft Interior Parts

For aircraft interior designers, we recognize the importance of identifying current, modern, and amazing color combinations to wow clients and their guests who step inside a luxury aircraft or business jet. However, a few customers are now opting for the classic retro look color combination of gold and black. Imagine 24K Gold that is partnered… Read more »

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HighTech Finishing provides custom branding on aircraft interior parts through a proven metal finishing process

Use Metal Finishing to Personalize Your Brand On Aircraft Interior Parts

Your personal aircraft or your company’s business jet are more than just a vehicle. The aircraft represents you. It says something about you and reinforces a certain message about who you are and what you stand for. It’s part of your brand. So, how can you creatively promote your brand for a long-lasting and profitable… Read more »

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HighTech Finishing color selection box, including chrome vs. nickel plating options for aircraft interior parts

Choosing Between Chrome vs. Nickel Plating For Your Aircraft Interior

When it comes to creating a brilliant look for the interior of your private aircraft, you want to be sure that every decision supports the aesthetic you are going for. This includes deciding between our many offerings including chrome or nickel plating options for aircraft interior parts. Although you can never go wrong when making… Read more »

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HTF new CEO Simon Haining

HighTech Finishing Appoints Simon Haining as New President

Houston, Texas, USA — January 4, 2021: HighTech Finishing (HighTech) has appointed international business executive Simon Haining as new company president. Simon brings 15+ years of experience in various fields of manufacturing, aerospace, and aviation to HighTech. Simon will support the company’s growth objectives of advancing capabilities in metal plating for aircraft interior parts. Most… Read more »

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Aircraft interior part enhanced through clear coat paint applied by HighTech Finishing in Houston

How We Use Clear Coat to Enhance Aircraft Interior Parts

Owning a private jet is a hard-earned, privileged luxury in which every aspect should reflect perfection. The experience of the private traveler — whether the jet owner himself, a business client on their way to an important meeting, or a family headed to a treasured vacation — should not only be superior in comfort, but… Read more »

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HighTech Finishing thanks our customers for being part of our success story in 2020 providing aircraft interior parts plating

2020 in Review: Continuing to Lead the Way in Aviation Interior Parts Plating

Being in business since 1984, HighTech Finishing has seen its share of dramatic twists and turns in the aviation industry. But, nothing quite compares to what we all went through together in 2020. Through this extremely challenging year, we appreciate that we were able to fortify relationships with our valued customers. Whether we have provided… Read more »

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Aircraft interior part that has been plated by HighTech Finishing in Houston, Texas -- capable of expediting metal finishing for aircraft interior parts

Ready to Select Metal Finishing for Your Aircraft Interior Parts?

Whether you’re a private jet owner or operate a fleet of aircraft, having the best interior parts can make a world of difference to create the ideal look and feel for the aircraft. We know that it can be challenging to find a reliable company to plate your aircraft interior parts, especially when facing a… Read more »

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Aircraft interior part plated at HighTech Finishing in Houston, Texas, which provides services for MRO expansion projects by high tech finishing in houston, texas.

Investing in MRO Expansion? Integrate Our Metal Finishing Services

MRO facilities that service aircraft have been affected in different ways by this year’s global pandemic. Some companies are riding out the wave and continuing to provide service at existing facilities, while other companies are expanding MRO operations to service aircraft that need to be overhauled. If your company is continuing to provide MRO services… Read more »

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Aircraft interior part plated at the HighTech Finishing ISO9001/AS9100 audit certified facility in Houston, Texas

Successful ISO9001/AS9100 Audit Validates Our Commitment to Quality

HighTech Finishing has successfully completed our annual ISO9001/AS9100 surveillance audit. We completed the audit with zero non-conformities, validating our commitment to quality control for aviation interior plating. Due to this year’s pandemic, the week-long audit was performed virtually, which incorporated video conferencing with external auditors, digital information exchanges, and conversations with our staff. Our quality… Read more »

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Business jet or private plane aircraft interior seating arrangement by high tech finishing in houston. texas.

How to Adjust for Changes to Aircraft Interior Design

This year’s global health crisis and the introduction of social distancing represents a seminal moment for the future of aircraft interior design. Temporary adjustments will need to be built upon in future design plans. And, future design plans need to align with changes to customer orders and passenger expectations. For interior designers of business jets,… Read more »

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Business travelers inside a business jet as part of the business aviation industry by high tech finishing.

How Business Aviation Can Respond to This Year’s Disruption

In the middle of March, business activity came to a screeching halt. Conferences were postponed or canceled. Business trips were scrapped. Meetings were moved from in-person to online. The business aviation market certainly felt the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic when business aviation flight activity dropped 46.8% in a single week. Additionally, for the… Read more »

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Oil storage tanks that requires measurement SOPs to support accurate custody transfer by high tech finishing.

These Custom Aircraft Interiors Are Must-See for VIPs

To impress aircraft buyers, aircraft interior designers must stay up-to-date on the latest trends in aircraft interior designs. This includes understanding how to create custom aircraft interior design plans that account for the VIP experience that today’s passengers expect when they step onto the plane. Consider the latest award-winning designs that can be incorporated into… Read more »

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Interior of jet that would be customized through aircraft interior refurbishment center by high tech finishing in houston, texas.

Why Refurbishment Centers Trust Us With Their Aircraft Interiors

A trend that has become the norm for aircraft refurbishment centers is highly-custom requests from customers for the aircraft interior. Whether it’s an additional lavatory, a custom meeting room, specific configuration of monitors, or the inclusion of the latest available on-board technology, customer requests are becoming increasingly specific. This requires high-level planning and supplier integration… Read more »

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William Gonzalez is our new technical field representative serving aviation interior plating customers by high tech finishing in houston texas.

Our Latest Initiative to Serve Aviation Interior Plating Customers

HighTech Finishing has always considered our aviation interior plating customers as a partner, and we pride ourselves in a superior level of customer support. We believe that our job is not finished when we deliver a product; we are also focused on complete satisfaction after the work is completed. To that end, we are proud… Read more »

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HighTech Finishing team receives supplier award from Rosen Aviation

Recognition from Rosen Aviation: 2019 Supplier Quality Award

Meeting the expectations of our customers is the starting point for our company. Exceeding customer expectations is what separates HighTech Finishing in the aviation interior plating market. To that end, we are honored to be recognized by Rosen Aviation with the 2019 Supplier Quality Award. Rosen uses advanced technology, design, and performance to provide in-cabin… Read more »

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covid 19 response clean facility high tech finishing houston texas

Statement on COVID-19

  In the uncertain times we’re currently experiencing with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to advise you that HighTech will continue supporting customers with as little disruption as possible. As of this date, we remain fully operational and our focus, as always, remains on going the extra mile to provide a superior plating product delivered… Read more »

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aircraft interior plating high tech finishing houston texas

5 Compelling Reasons to Try Our Aircraft Interior Metal Finishing Service

Business jet owners and business aviation manufacturers recognize the importance of attaining superior aircraft interior parts. The ideal method to support this objective is utilizing an aircraft interior metal finishing process. Using this process, new aircraft interior parts can be treated to improve the aesthetic of the aircraft interior. Or, worn parts can be retreated,… Read more »

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